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ESERP Business School is an institution of prestige, both nationally and internationally, which serves the community, and is officially authorized to provide university level education, based on its different program degrees: Spanish Official University Degrees, British Official University Degrees, Official University Masters Degrees and University Masters Diploma Course Degrees, with recognized experience of over thirty years.

ESERP has campuses in Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, and it is affiliated, associated with or linked, depending on the case, to the most prestigious Universities and Business Colleges, both domestic and international.

The educational vocation of ESERP dates back to 1881 in the city of Barcelona. Its earliest beginnings are found in The School, which was then known as Colegio San José. Its founder was Professor Josep Segura Bayarri, who was a teacher with great pedagogical and scientific rigour, who back then would maintain that “Students are first, the rest can wait.”

In the hands of its founder, the School evolved generation after generation, always directed by the same family, with a great tradition based on the teaching vocation, a group of professors, teachers and pedagogues of recognised prestige, which, during six generations and after 130 years up to the present day has taught more than 20,000 alumni.

In the mid eighties, Prof. Dr. José Luis Barquero Garces, President of ESERP is the one who gave the institution the final push, building new offices in Madrid and Palma de Mallorca, in the face of the need for establishing a high level of executive training.


In order to assist in the academic progress of our students, ESERP provides various services for the students and alumni of the ESERP Business School.

-         Active Job Opportunities and Internship.
-         Individualized service to students, coaching and mentoring.
-         International relations and exchanges.
-         Training with companies.
-         Business creation and project viability.
-         Guidance on job opportunities and professional careers.
-         Latest publications, including books, magazines and specialized journals.
-         ESERP Research publication.
-         Technological supports in audio-visual learning (podcast).
-         Alumni Association – ESERP Community.
-         Professional and Educational Platform.
-         Wi-Fi Zone in all areas.
-         Conferences, seminars and high-specialization courses.
-         Terrace – Coffee-Break.
-         Daily Press.
-         Specialized library.
-         Auditorium.
-         Meeting Room.
-         Work centre.
-         Cafeteria.

The task of the ESERP’s Employment Department and Professional Prospects It’s provide our students and alumni added value services in a professional environment with access to new career opportunities and closer to Collaborating companies the Talent needed for their different departments.

ESERP Business School organizes the annual Jobs Executive Show at its Campuses (Madrid, Barcelona and Mallorca) in order to maximize career opportunities for our students generating employment opportunities.

The event is a meeting between industry and the university world in which participants have the opportunity to meet and interview or access a “speed networking” with the heads departments selection of important companies nationwide and international.


ESERP Business School and SAETA Travel International have reached an agreement whereby students can make use of a travel and accommodation service – which is integrated into our website – allowing them to manage these services on preferential terms. In this section you can access all the services offered by Travel International SAETA.


For our students, ESERP Business School makes available all the relevant information concerning the halls of residence available in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Palma de Mallorca, so as to ease the accommodating of our national and international students.


Academic Secretary’s Office

ESERP offers students and alumni of ESERP a Department for administrative procedures such as obtaining Certificates and Diplomas.

Students and alumni may request such documents through the School’s website by filling their personal information and selecting the type of document they wish to obtain.

All payments shall be made through the TPV provided on the web page or by bank transfer according to the place where they completed their education.

For International Students

The ESERP Graduate Department provides the following personalized services for international students, once the admission process is completed:

Visas: if you are not a citizen of an EU country, the first step is to obtain a student visa. ESERP students who are not EU citizens must apply for a visa at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in their country of origin.

Accommodation: The ESERP Graduate Department will help you choose and prepare your accommodation. ESERP has several contacts who will provide you with information on, and the management of, flat and house rentals. Please click here.

Health Insurance: Students who need a visa must take out private medical insurance for the duration of the program. ESERP can offer contacts for signing up to these from abroad, and to help you to complete this process.

ESERP Business School: Language School

ESERP Business School presents you with a full program of language courses. Knowledge and mastery of other languages is one of the skills most valued by employers, and international head-hunters, when it comes to capturing and incorporating talent into their organizations. Virtually all job openings will ask for candidates who are fluent in at least two languages.


The objective of these language courses is the practice of a full range of language skills – incorporating foundations, mastery, competency and fluidity into your communication – for those languages most-used, from a professional standpoint.

Practical and participatory sessions

Small groups

Native-speaking teachers

Communicative and dynamic focus

Staging of real-world situations

Continuous evaluation


Entries can be made at the beginning of the course, to the Academic Secretary of ESERP. Students can join at any point in the course (do check availability). 
Accredited Diploma

The levels set out in these language courses correspond to the criteria laid down in the Common European Framework of Reference, and result in the obtaining of the corresponding own, private Diploma from ESERP.

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