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  • No. Staff: 80
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  • Languages of instruction: English
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Geneva Business School is a leading business school providing cutting-edge, Swiss-quality education on a global scale. GBS is at the forefront of innovative learning methods and is committed to the use of new technologies in and outside the classroom. Students will benefit from personalized mentoring, tailored education and the opportunity to transfer between campuses to enjoy the unique business culture in each diverse location. Our expert career team guarantees internship opportunities and provides professional career mentoring to prepare students for work. Our faculty members are all professionally active, giving an insight into current business trends as well as access to a global professional network. GBS is uniquely positioned to give you that competitive edge. Our innovative learning methods, professional faculty, international business network and excellent career services combined with personalized student care makes choosing Geneva Business School a very smart decision.




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In 1995, IFGP (Institut de Formation en Gestion du Patrimoine) was established to provide instructions to mainly local Swiss private bankers.  As demands for global banking and finance outpaced the local demands, University of Finance was created in 2001 to provide education in international banking and finance.  As our strategic positioning shifted, the name was changed in 2010 to Geneva Business School (GBS) to emphasis the importance of our location, speciality, and specificity.

From 2012, GBS began a comprehensive expansion strategy  to open new campuses in the most strategically viable regions in the world.  At the current time, in addition to our main campus in Geneva, we have campuses in the following countries: Switzerland (Geneva, Villars sur Ollons), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid), Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana), Saudi Arabia (Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah), United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah), Bahrain (Manama). 

In 2016, GBS was ranked number 3 in Switzerland and within the top 100 global business school rankings for executives and entrepreneurs (The CEOWORLD Magazine’s top business schools ranking).

As a leading private institution in Switzerland, we work hard to ensure that Geneva Business School maintains its superior quality of education through our accreditations with some of the world’s most respected organisations.

We are proud to announce that we have three principal accreditations (IACBE,ECBE and EDUQUA).

These come from our commitment to attain high-quality education and to ensure the best future for our students. The rich mixture of international accreditations allows our students to receive a high standard of training with a keen blend of theory and practice.

We have also formed strong ties with partner Universities who meet the same standards of quality education we hold to ourselves. Our network has consistently grown over the years, ever expanding towards new horizons. These organisations enable us to work on exchange programs and dual degrees with universities and business schools that share our passion for quality education.

In line with our international accreditations, GBS has the following Broad-Based Goals:

Broad-Based Student Learning Goals:

1. Understand the major concepts of business applicable to companies of all sizes
2. Obtain business knowledge and understand the management processes involved
3. Learn the different types of effective communication skills.
4. Understand the importance of personal and professional integrity.
5. Understand the ethical ramifications of business decisions.

Broad-Based Operational Goals:

1. The curriculum will cater for students in order to prepare them for the skills required in the professional workplace
2. Students will have access to all necessary material and facilities to assist them in completing all courses successfully
3. The faculty members will be composed mainly of active professionals
4. The program will allow for students to be placed in work placements following completion of their studies

Geneva Business School has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. The business programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE:
· Bachelor of Business Administration, with majors in: International Management, Entrepreneurship, Sport Management & Marketing, Digital Marketing, International Relations.
· Bachelor of Finance, with majors in: International Finance
· Master of Business Administration, with majors in: International Management, International Relations.
· Master of Science in Finance, with majors in: International Finance, Islamic Finance.
· Doctor of Business Administration

When applying for accommodation at GBS, you will have the possibility of sharing a room with other GBS student(s) in a flat, or even a studio if we are informed sufficiently in advance. The kitchen, bathroom, and toilet will be shared by all of the occupants (2 to 6 students).

It is also common for students to opt for Host Family accommodation. This is a network of families in Geneva who house 1 or more students and provide food. This is a fantastic option for newcomers as they provide reassurance to the parents that they will be well looked after, and the additional guarantee of rapidly learning French! 

Beds, pillow, a blanket and mattresses are provided by the university. In winter, it can get quite cold in Geneva, i.e. minus 5 degrees and every apartment benefits from wireless internet access free of charge, as well a phone line.

With the help and assistance of the Student Council, GBS organises and supports sport and cultural activities during the year.

As a Business School, it is paramount for us to  maintain strongs ties between students, encourage team spirit and personaldevelopment.

We propose two activities every week, football & badminton, and once per month we organise an even more sensational activity, not to forget our cultural events organised by Dr Irbah !

These activities are also a way to meet new people and organisation, we will organise tournament against other Swiss company contacts and universities for fun & networking.

Geneva Business School is proud to offer Career Workshop Services.

At a glance, we provide opportunities for:


Guaranteed Internships

Professional Mentoring

Be it an BBA, BF, Msc F or an MBA, your education is the first step towards a rewarding career in business and finance.

While we are proud to offer our students the best academic tools to succeed, everyone still needs to put them into practice.

That is why the Geneva Business School has created the Career Center Mentoring Program.

As you prepare for an internship or your first job, the Career Center Mentors will assist you in creating your CV, writing a compelling motivation letter and preparing for interviews.

With our Mentoring Conferences, presented by some of Geneva’s finest professionals you will be given the opportunity to get invaluable insight into your future career and how to get there!

GBS also offers guaranteed internships at the end of the Bachelor and Master studies. This possibility is available to all GBS students through our partners companies Aquarius ( & KingStage London ( who manages all placements, visa enquiries and preparation for the practical placement.

1. Swiss Quality Education and UK Accredited Degrees: GBS combines the best of Swiss quality private education with UK state accreditation.

2. Global Campus Network: Exciting transfer opportunities between our GBS campuses worldwide.

3. Guaranteed Internship Opportunities: GBS students are able to take advantage of our excellent internship placement services.

4. Cutting Edge Programs: GBS is committed to the use of new and innovative learning methodologies.

5. Digital Education: GBS promotes digital learning and new technologies inside and outside the classroom.

6. Tailored Programs: GBS students benefit from made-to-measure programs and flexible schedules.

7. Personalized Coaching: GBS offers students personalized mentoring and support from start to finish.

8. Individual Attention: With smaller class sizes GBS ensures no student is left unattended.

9. Professional Faculty: Majority of European and US professors with top-management working experience of over 20 years.

10. Successful International Network: GBS is proud of its successful global alumni network with GBS alumni currently working in some of the world's top corporations and organizations.

Switzerland (Geneva, Villars sur Ollons)

Spain (Barcelona, Madrid)

Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana)

Saudi Arabia (Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah)

United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah)

Bahrain (Manama)

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