Levels: Master, Master of Business Administration
Tuition: Full coverage
Deadline: 9 January
Duration max: 24  months

Pershing Square Scholars are extraordinary individuals with a passion for tackling world-scale challenges while delivering sustainable and scalable impact.

The Pershing Square Foundation has endowed up to five scholarships per year to cover the tuition, college and living expenses of the MBA year of study, which support extraordinary individuals in developing and realising their potential as future global leaders by fully funding the MBA year of the Oxford 1+1 programme.

The Pershing Square Foundation’s gift of £4.5m will endow the Scholarships in perpetuity. The University of Oxford has provided a further £3m under the Oxford Graduate Scholarship Matched Fund, taking the total funding to £7.5m. 

Deadline: 9 January

Comments: The last deadline to submit applications to the 1+1 programme is 13 March 2015 (Stage 4). However, please note some MSc programmes will close their applications by 9 or 23 January 2015.

Finaid max:  


Covers the tuition, college and living expenses.

The Oxford 1+1 MBA programme pairs the one-year Oxford MBA with one of a selection of one-year Oxford masters programmes.The Scholarship fully funds the MBA year of the Oxford 1+1 programme.

Applicant criteria

  • Combination of academic and leadership potential.
  • Strong personal character.
  • Experience, aptitude and intention of pursuing a career that addresses global challenges.
  • Articulated vision on how the Oxford 1+1 MBA will allow you to fulfil this intention.