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    With a strong practical learning approach, the Master in Digital Marketing (MDIGM) has been designed to fulfill the needs of the high growth market of the Web2.0. This program, entirely taught in English, will bring you more than the knowledge required to perform well in this industry. The MDIGM will guide you to acquire the specific mindset to adapt in this daily evolving environment.

    The theoretical basis taught by highly qualified faculty will be supplemented by practical learning through fieldtrips, lectures, internships and individual projects thanks to several partnerships with renowned companies.

    Marketing strategies and tools have drastically evolved in the last decades due to globalization and to the advent of the Web2.0 technologies. In order to fulfill these new company needs, the MDIGM program equips students with the skills and competencies required to be operational in a web marketing department or in a web marketing agency. Future graduates will thus be prepared for a wide range of career opportunities, aimed at both general and niche positions such as:

    * Online / Internet Marketing (Ebusiness, Ecommerce) Manager

    * Community Manager (Social media)

    * Webmaster

    * Web Entrepreneur

    * Web Designer

    * Online Marketing Director

    * Online Promotions Manager

    * Online/Interactive Media Buyer

    * Online/Interactive Media Planner

    * Search Engine Markete

    * SEO Specialist

    * Web Content Manager

    * E-commerce (E-business) Project Manager

    A unique students career guidance
    In their search of the most suitable career, students will benefit from the IUM Career Services & Corporate Relations Offices guidelines and support. Students also play central roles in discussion forums, seminars, and workshops throughout the year that provide exceptional opportunities to meet with successful leaders and develop an international network.

    The MDIGM at a glance
    * A high growth market

    * A career curve three times faster than in other industries

    * A unique place to immerse into an international environment

    * A strong interaction between students and practitioners thanks to partnerships with Web2.0 companies

    * A program designed to match the needs of the professional market

    Core Courses
    * Internet Marketing

    * Fundamentals of financial & managerial accounting

    * Human factors in organization

    * International negotiations

    * Communication & media planning

    * Management and leadership

    * Mature markets and emerging countries

    * Cross cultural consumer behavior

    * Macroeconomics

    Specialization Courses
    * E-Business

    * Search Engine Marketing

    * Web Project Management

    * Social Network Marketing

    * Web design & Ergonomics

    * Web Development

    * Databases

    * History of the Internet

    * Digital Law

    * Marketing Mobile

    * User Interface Design


    - A 3 or 4-year university degree; - Proof of English proficiency; - An equivalent GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.As the University's mission reflects its commitment to maintaining a multicultural balance and other forms of diversity within its student body, the general entry requirements may not reflect the individual minimum standards set for applicants from differing educational systems and geographic areas.Whenever possible the University seeks to establish requirements which are accessible and realistic given the country of origin of the applicant. An example would be an applicant's reasonable access to testing centers if standardized test are required or the requirement of transcripts and grades when an educational system issues only exam results. English Language Requirements TOEFL iBT® test: 79

    A University degree program is a substantial investment that needs to be carefully evaluated. IUM offers a number of scholarships to assist you in funding your studies. In addition, some of the best financing options available to prospective students may also be found in their country of origin or residence.

    Please be aware that all IUM program acceptance criteria are based on merit and we do not take your financial situation into account when making our admissions decisions. Applying for funding will not affect you chances of being admitted to your program of choice but the competition for funding within each program can vary from year to year.

    While some of our students receive aid from the University in the form of scholarships and awards, through sources in their home countries, or through sponsorship by their company, most use personal savings or take out loans in order to finance their tuition and living expenses while at IUM.

    To help assess the financial obligations required to attend IUM you must first acquaint yourself with the program tuition and fees and an estimate of living expenses. While the Office of Admissions will do its best to assist you in meeting your financial needs, the responsibility of financing your degree ultimately lies with you.
    List of Available IUM Scholarships:

    IUM Undergraduate Merit-based Scholarship
    IUM Graduate Merit-based Scholarship
    The IUM Undergraduate and Graduate Merit-based scholarship will be awarded to applicants who show outstanding academic achievement, extraordinary leadership potential, and a significant contribution to the mission of the University.

    IUM Alumni Scholarship
    To qualify for this merit-based scholarship applicants must have graduated or be about to graduate from an IUM degree program.

    IMPACT Scholarship (reserved to MBA and EMBA applicants)
    The IMPACT Scholarship is designed to offer financial support to high potential individuals who seek to apply their MBA or Executive MBA experience to grow businesses and inspire entrepreneurial initiatives in their home country.

    The IUM Monegasque Scholarship (reserved to Monegasque nationals)
    The scholarship will be awarded to applicants who hold a Monegasque passport and possess a demonstrated high level of academic or personal achievement and support the mission of the University.

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