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    The IHU EMBA is a 24-month programme taught over a long weekend once a month.
    Our programme is built in a flexible way to facilitate learning through a variety of teaching methods, technologies, environments, workshops and integrating seminars.

    The IHU EMBA is founded on three guiding principles:

    * Academic excellence
    * Practical application
    * International relevance

    Upon completion of the EMBA Programme, you will have:

    * a thorough grasp of the principles and applications of key management functions, together with technical and conceptual skills
    * a focus on, and appreciation of, strategic issues in many industry sectors
    * a genuinely international, multicultural perspective and an understanding of the challenges facing global business
    * a highly flexible qualification suitable for a wide range of career opportunities

    The Field Trip
    The EMBA field trip provides participants with the opportunity to explore first-hand the business practices in different South Eastern European countries. Groups of four students visit an organisation in Greece and/or the region. The exercise not only helps to integrate the theory with practical application, but also places important emphasis on the international aspects of politics, economics and business in the region.

    The Integrating Seminars
    The purpose of the Integrating Seminars is to provide a forum for participants to interact, discuss and debate contemporary economic and business issues with leading economic policy makers, senior managers and academics.

    Professional Development Programme
    The professional development programme is made up of a series of workshops and seminars aimed at developing softer skills to complement the more traditional skills participants learn as part of the EMBA. They include, for example, one-to-one support, career coaching, mind mapping, presentation skills, creativity and presentation, media training, networking and interviewing.

    The Timetable
    The programme operates on Friday 12:00 am to Sunday 16:00 pm once a month except April, August and December. Examinations take place during these weekend periods.

    The Core Modules
    The Executive MBA core modules offer a thorough understanding of the key functional areas within a company and an appreciation of their critical interactions and their impact on the organisation as a whole.
    The core modules enable participants to acquire practical concepts and skills directly relevant to their careers.

    * The Global Business Environment
    * Quantitative Methods and Decision Analysis
    * Global Capital Markets
    * Financial Reporting and Analysis
    * Corporate Finance
    * Management of Organisations
    * Technology and Operations Management
    * Cost Management
    * Marketing Management
    * Business Strategy
    * Business Leadership
    * Entrepreneurship

    The Elective Modules
    The programme offers a rich choice of electives in five broad subject areas: Finance, Management, Marketing, Technology and the Legal Environment.

    Participants can choose four electives across any of these areas relevant to their current and future career orientation.

    * Private Equity and Venture Capital
    * Advanced Company Valuation
    * Investment Management
    * Risk Management
    * Raising Capital
    * Derivative Instruments
    * Corporate Governance
    * Managing Human Capital
    * Mergers and Acquisitions
    * Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
    * Business to Business Marketing
    * Product Innovation
    * Consumer Behaviour
    * Energy Markets
    * Commercialising Science and Technology
    * Supply Chain Management
    * Alternative Dispute Resolution
    * Banking Legal Environment
    * International Company and Trade Law
    * Intellectual Property Management
    * Litigation in Europe

    The electives list is continuously updated to reflect contemporary business issues and student interests.

    The Business Consultancy Project
    As a part of the IHU EMBA programme, students submit an individual 10,000-word business project on a subject relating to their study and career.
    The objective of the EMBA project is to provide insights, analysis and conclusions grounded in academic discipline but also relevant to management. Projects are undertaken within a sponsoring organisation under the supervision of a member of the academic faculty.


    To be considered for the EMBA, candidates are required to have: * a good university degree* * a minimum of three years' full-time work experience gained after graduation * for graduates from non-English-speaking universities, a good IELTS (7 and above), TOEFL (IBT, 100 and above) or TOEIC (900 and above) score, or a recognised by the Greek State certificate of proficiency in English * strong motivation and commitment to complete the EMBA on a part-time basis * a personal interview may be required* From a recognised University. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 7 TOEFL iBT® test: 100 Work Experience At least 2 year(s) of work experience is required.

    Scholarships are available for exceptional candidates where financial need can be demonstrated.

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