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    The UNE online MBA will equip you to deal with the rigours of today's changing work environment. As a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) the GSB is committed to embedding corporate social responsibility and sustainability into our curriculum.

    Our MBA will challenge you to think in new ways and encourage you to apply that learning immediately. From day one, you will be testing your knowledge against the real world, integrating it into your thinking and becoming a more effective and adaptable manager in the process.

    The MBA enables students to develop a broad range of management skills and also provides the opportunity to specialise by majoring in human resource management or international business.

    The MBA is comprised of twelve units, with eight core units and four electives. In addition students will be required to complete an e-portfolio over the life of their course that will enable them to undertake personal development and engage in reflective practice around their learning. The specific content of their portfolio will be determined in consultation with the Graduate School to allow students to pursue activities that will develop the skills they need.

    The Leadership e-portfolio

    The other key element of the MBA is the requirement to complete a leadership e-portfolio. It is where you can personalise your learning experience. At the time you commence your program you can work with the Program Director to determine the best use of the e-portfolio to help you develop the critical skills that you most need to become a more effective manager.

    The elements of the e-portfolio are:

    * A reflective practice that charts your learning journey.
    * Personal development in which you will undertake the equivalent of 60 hours of face to face activity around areas of personal/professional development that you think will enhance your management skills. This could include attending training courses on communication, negotiation, public speaking, or attending seminars relevant to management offered by UNE or other providers. It could also include working with an industry mentor or engaging in service learning.

    The specifics of your e-portfolio will be designed in consultation with the Graduate School of Business.

    Who is it for?
    Busy professionals looking to progress their career, who need flexibility around their study.

    Why get an MBA from UNE?
    A unique feature of the UNE MBA is the leadership ePortfolio which is designed to personalise the journey through your MBA. It will help you become a more rounded manager by encouraging you to engage in reflective practice and develop your management skills through professional development activities that will enhance your management ability.
    Better earning power, better career prospects

    * UNE was awarded 5 out of 5 stars for Getting a Job and overall student satisfaction 4 out of 5 stars for Graduate Salaries for academic qualification of staff (Source: The Good Universities Guide 2012)

    Develop valuable skills for immediate real-world application

    * Apply what you learned last night at work today!

    High quality online learning tools and resources

    * Be connected anytime, anywhere.

    Benefit from UNE's 50 years of excellence in distance education

    * With personal assistance from unit coordinators and the GSB administrative staff, you will always feel supported.

    How our teaching works
    With more than 12,500 of its 17,000 students studying via the Internet, UNE is at the forefront of online learning. Our students access their materials via our Student Portal myUNE. Teaching material including topic notes, readings, podcasts, discussion spaces and links to online resources are located on our Learning Management System, Moodle. Your lecturer will interact with you via Moodle and is also available by email or phone. Textbooks are supplied through our bookshop.

    Australia requirements for international students

    In Australia each institution has its own application procedures and admission requirements so il would be better to contact your chosen university for an application form. To study here you'll need to apply for both admission to an institution and also for a student visa from the Australian Government so it's necessery to carefully check student visa information on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

    Entry requirements can include: the academic requirements, evidence of funds to support your study and overseas student health cover. The academic requirements you need to study in Australia depend on the level of education you want to study. Indeed, in some cases, you may need to present your results of an English language test. 

    You can choose up to six courses in your application. Each university you've applied to consider your application separately. This means that you may receive an offer from each course that you include in your application. 


    1. A candidate shall:(a) have fulfilled all the requirements for admission to a degree or qualification of equivalent standing at this or another university or tertiary institution; or(b) have completed the Graduate Diploma in Management; or(c) have completed the Graduate Certificate in Management or any graduate certificate as approved by the Program Director with a minimum Credit grade average, normally in the first four units completed towards the Graduate Certificate.2. In addition, candidates must provide evidence of at least three years' work experience in a field of employment approved by the school on the recommendation of the Program Director.3. Admission to candidature and the date of commencement of candidature shall be determined by the school.
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