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    This is a Joint Degree Programme of the Department of Education, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Cyprus and the Department of Mathematics of the University of Athens, offer a postgraduate programme leading to a Master Degree in "Didactics and Methodology of Mathematics."

    A limited number (15) of Cypriot students will be accepted to the programme. Two-thirds of the programme will be offered in Cyprus by academic staff from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Department of Education. The remaining credits will be fulfilled in Athens, in the summer session.

    Duration: The minimum period of study for full-time students is three (3) academic semesters and the maximum period of study is eight (8) academic semesters.

    The postgraduate programmes of each department are supervised by a three-member Postgraduate Programmes Committee, chaired by a Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator. The Coordinator may be the chairperson of the department or a member of the academic staff appointed by the chairperson. The other members of the committee are appointed by the Departmental Board. The Committee is appointed for a two-year term.

    For every student in the Postgraduate Programme, the department appoints an Academic Supervisor, whereas at the research stage of the Ph.D. a Research Supervisor is appointed. Candidate students select a member of the academic staff to act as their Research Supervisor. The student´s choice must be approved by the Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator. The Research Supervisor guides the students in their research and provides the necessary help and advice.

    The programmes of study of the University of Cyprus are based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). An ECTS normally corresponds to a 25-30 hours workload per semester. Full-time status requires a courseload of 21 ECTS per semester. Students carrying fewer ECTS are considered part-time.

    Nine (9) courses and three (3) seminars are required for the completion of the programme:

    * six courses from the area of Didactics and Methodology of Mathematics
    * one Statistics course
    * two courses from the area of History - Philosophy
    * three seminars

    9 courses X 9 ECTS and 3 seminars X 3 ECTS = TOTAL 90 ECTS

    Didactics of Mathematics

    EDU 501 Teaching of Analysis

    EDU 673 Mathematics Curriculum: Development and Evaluation

    Didactics of Mathematics Theory

    Mathematics Teaching through Problem Solving

    Teaching Algebra and Geometry

    Teaching Probability and Statistics

    The Integration of New Technology in TeachingMathematics

    Mathematics Teaching and History of Mathematics

    Mathematics Modelling

    Methods of Research in Teaching Mathematics

    Special Issues in Teaching Mathematics

    History - Philosophy

    EDU 502 History of Ancient Greek Mathematics - Euclides Elements

    EDU 503 Philosophy of Mathematics

    History of Modern Mathematics

    Plato and Mathematics

    Epistimology and Teaching of Mathematics

    Philosophy of Education


    MAS 668 Topics in Probability-Statistics I


    EDU 736 Seminar of Didactics of Methodology of Mathematics I

    EDU 746 Seminar of Didactics of Methodology of Mathematics II

    EDU 766 Seminar of Didactics of Methodology of Mathematics III



    The criteria for assessment of postgraduate candidates are the following: * Applicants must have a university degree in Mathematics, awarded by an accredited institution in the country where it operates, or a degree evaluated as equivalent to a university degree by the Cyprus Council for the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KYSATS). Individuals who will be awarded a University degree or Graduation certificate fulfilling the criteria of the application requirements by the end of the week that precedes the registration week will also be eligible to submit an application form. * Academic background in the appropriate discipline and grades in other related degrees. * Letters of recommendation. * Personal interview at the discretion of each department. * Written examination at the discretion of each department. * Candidates are requested to submit any certificates and/or other documentation that prove English language competency, and any other documentation they consider necessary to strengthen and further support their application for admission, such as articles, research reports, academic distinctions.
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