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    The aim of the graduate programme of Diplomacy and International Relations is to prepare highly qualified specialists and analysts who will possess the skills to analyse and to evaluate the evolution of international relations, including the major changes and events in this field and the reasons for these changes.

    Graduates of this programme will be able to identify and reconcile ever-changing norms, roles and the types of practical diplomacy used in international relations. The programme of Diplomacy and International Relations will develop students skills to gather, update and to apply the newest scientific knowledge. Upon completion of the programme, a Masters degree in Political Science is granted.

    Graduates of the programme obtain the following skills:

    * To be prepared to perform practical work in the field of international relations and diplomacy using gained theoretical background.
    * The ability to independently identify and analyse the main challenges in the practical sphere of international relations and diplomacy.
    * To be prepared to conduct theoretical analyses of significant problems in the field of international relations and diplomacy.
    * To be able to evaluate fast-changing social practices and to flexibly apply it in the Lithuanian and international labour market.
    * The ability to learn independently, and apply this ability in following and evaluating relavent international events.
    * To obtain familiarity with the high culture of professional thinking.

    Career Opportunities
    Graduates of the Diplomacy and International Relations masters programme will have the possibility to work in various state, non-governmental and private institutions, Lithuanian government institutions (e.g. Ministry of Foreign Affairs), diplomatic missions (embassies, business, tourism), EU institutions, and educational institutions, (e.g. Institutions of higher education, Institutes of Scientific Research). Graduates of the programme are also offered the possibility to continue their studies in a post-graduate programme in the field of Social Sciences.

    Area of Studies: Social Sciences
    Faculty: Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy
    Mode of Studies: Full-time studies
    Length of Programme: 2 academic years (120 ECTS)
    Name of Qualification: Master of Political Science

    Obligatory courses (9)

    * English Language Course for Diplomats

    * Contemporary International Crises

    * International Relations Theories and Methodology

    * International Security and Foreign Policy Strategy

    * European Integration Problems and Lithuania

    * Organization of Diplomatic Service

    * Theory and Practice of Negotiations

    * Diplomatic and Consular Law

    * Neighborhood Policy of the European Union

    Optional courses

    * History of Diplomacy

    * Human Rights

    * Politics of The United States of America

    * Regions Evolution in the International System

    * Religion and Politics in the Global World

    * International Organizations

    * Ethnic Conflicts and International Relations

    * Special Course

    * Politics of the Balkan States

    * Small and Medium Size States Economic Policy

    * Academic Writing

    * Lithuania and the World in the 20th Century

    * Migration Policy of the State

    * EU Law and Home Affairs

    * Political Systems of Asian States

    * Orientalism and Occidentalism in International Relations

    * Research Projects (3)

    * Research Project Nr.1

    * Research Project Nr. 2

    * Research Project Nr. 3

    * Final Paper

    * Masters Thesis

    Total credits:120 ECTS


    A Bachelors degree in Political Science, the Humanities or other Social Science field is required. Applicants who have not studied in a Political Science undergraduate programme, should have 6 credits in Social Science, 4 credits in Humanities and 10 credits in Political Science.

    Scholarships to Persons who Graduated from Foreign Institutions

    Vytautas Magnus University offers scholarships to students who are currently enrolled or planning to enrol in Masters degree programmes taught in English at Vytautas Magnus University.

    * Golden and Silver awards
    * State scholarships
    * Stipendium Honoris

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