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The Luxury tourism industry is a rich industry that includes a wide range of fields: accommodation, food & beverage, spa, meeting & events, cruise line, yachting, sporting, casinos, entertainment, and transportation. The Luxury/VIP Management Master degree in the tourism industry provides you with the necessary knowledge and expertise to enter the luxury service industry through a mix of academic pillars and professional practical experience.

The main teaching language is English. The study plan includes an intensive foreign language study module to choose from Spanish for foreigners, French or Russian. After the theoretic modules are completed or simultaneously with it, all students have to complete an internship period in one of the companies of the sector in Spain or abroad.
This program will provide you theoretical, linguistic and practical skills.
Instruction is in the form of lectures, seminars, workshops, videoconference classes, cases and individual assignments. Examination is in the form of written exams, individual and group assignments and workshop exercises.

All foreign students have to do a Spanish language preparation module to take one of the official state exams of Spanish for Foreigners, DELE or SIELE, of the correspondent  A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 levels.  HTL International School is an accredited SIELE examination center of the Instituto Cervantes.


Module I: Luxury Tourism Management

  • The foundations and traces of modern tourism
  • Elaborations of tourism
  • Tourist objects, tourist rituals
  • Luxury brands
  • Introduction to Revenue management
  • Strategic pricing
  • Value
  • Differential pricing
  • The revenue management’s role

Module II. VIP Tourism

  • Luxury select destinations worldwide
  • Golf Business and Management
  • Cruise & Private Jet & Private charters
  • Small groups/Tailor made tours
  • Boutique hotels
  • Events Management VIP
  • Food and Beverage VIP service
  • Customer service VIP

Module III. Market research

  • Introduction to Market research
  • Writing for Marketing
  • Customer relationship Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Channels
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Data analysis and Conversion optimisation

Module IV. Foreign Language Intensive Course (Spanish, French or Russian)

  • Official DELE/SIELE exam of Spanish for Foreigners preparation module
  • General French or Russian Language test according the initial entrance level

Module V. Spanish/French/Russian Language for the Tourism Sector Module

Module VI. Final Project
·         Project design
·         Research tools
·         Personal reflection
·         Appropriate questionnaire designs
·         Conducting academic research, literature search and review
·         Developing a research question, hypothesis and methodology
·         Managing a research projectIV: Production and Operation Management

Module VII: Internship

Interdisciplinary Exam
Official Exam of Spanish Language for Foreigners DELE or SIELE
French/Russian language exam


To enrol in the Master Degree, it is necessary:
1. to fill the online application form below
2. submit the requested documents:
– passport copy
– last studies transcript
– CV
– English level certificate, if any. If  you don’t have any proof of your English level, you have to fill the online placement test to be completed online before the online application is done. The direct link is on Admissions page.


Enrolment fee: 200 euros
Tuition fee: 4.000 euros
or 2 installment payments of
2.250 euros (only for non-visa students)

After the theoretical part of the courses is finished, all students are invited to do an internship. We recommend to join our internship for a minimum of 3 months. HTL International School has signed a huge variety of educational agreements with different hotel chains, companies and travel operators nationally, mainland and islands.  According to Spanish law, it is possible to do a part time (20 h/week) or full time (40 h/week) internship during the study period or after the theoretical part is finished. Normally, the companies provide some grant, its quantity depends on the company policy regarding the interns.  Some of the internship positions are published directly on our Internships&Jobs Portal. In case you have a company interested in you as an intern in Spain or abroad, please contact us to sign the internship agreement with your company.

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