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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Local: $ 6.99k / 1 academic year
  • Foreign: $ 6.99k / 1 academic year
  • Languages of instruction:
  • English

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    When a social, corporate or technological model reaches its maturation phase, it comes to a point where what used to work no longer works.

    Nowadays, in order to remain competitive, businesses not only have to innovate but are also expected to continuously adapt to new business environments born from the constant technological advancements.  

    More than teaching innovation, this Master program offers the tools to build diversified and powerful business models. The students are enabled to look into the future of technological advancements and use them for positioning their businesses and bringing value to the society.

    Modules of the Program

    • Module 1: The Capacity to Innovate: one of the few lasting competitive advantages 
    • Module 2: The Key Factor of Innovation: People 
    • Module 3: Identification of Innovation Challenges (Innovation Strategy) 
    • Module 4: How to Manage and Systematize the Innovation Process 
    • Module 5: Collaborate to Innovate. How to Build Innovation Ecosystems 
    • Module 6: Starting a new business: Entrepreneurship
    • Module 7: Business Game Simulation
    • Module 8: Final Master Project (Own topic, can be done individually or in group)


    • Resume (CV)
    • Motivation letter 
    • Passport or ID copy 
    • Bachelor's degree or 5 years of Management experience + High school diploma or equivalent
    • Academic record (Transcript/Grades)
    • Proficiency / Advanced level in English, in case it is not your mother tongue. (IELTS 6.0 or equivalent, such as TOEFL or previous education in English)

    *IELTS or TOEFL are not compulsory, any other proof of proficiency will be considered

    BEBS tuition fees are considerably lower, taken into account the high quality business education the students receive, however, BEBS offers partial scholarships to talented students who need financial assistance.  

    Double Degree - by the University of Murcia (public) and by the Barcelona Executive Business School (private).

    The classes are held at BEBS campus in Barcelona, a multifaceted city where high quality of life and business opportunities go hand in hand.

    Duration: 1 Academic year

    Start: September

    Total tuition fees: 

    On Campus: €6300
    Online: €5300
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