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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Local: $ 16.4k / 1 year (full-time)
  • Foreign: $ 30.7k / 1 year (full-time)
  • Languages of instruction:
  • English
  • Deadline:
  • 28 Tháng bảy
  • StudyQA ranking:
  • 88pts.
  • Duration:
  • 2 years

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    This higher degree is aimed at clinical professionals from all backgrounds involved in the delivery of acute, chronic, and integrated pain services in primary or secondary care. Combining cutting-edge research with an international reputation for clinical excellence, the UCL Pain Management MSc is ideal for anyone wanting to improve the lives of people living with pain while also accelerating their own career.

    Students will learn:

    • Research methods and ethical principles underpinning pain research
    • Health economics and social impact of pain
    • Clinical governance of pain services
    • Pathophysiology of pain
    • Pharmacology of pain and therapeutics
    • Managing pain in cancer patients including post-chemotherapy pain
    • Management of headache and abdominopelvic/urogenital pain
    • Managing pain in children and adolescents
    • Strategies for the self-management of pain
    • Neuromodulation for chronic pain
    • Pain management with mental health, substance misuse and multiple morbidity
    • Community pain management strategies

    Students undertake modules to the value of 180 credits.

    The programme consists of eight core modules (120 credits), and a research dissertation (60 credits).

    A Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits, eight core modules) is offered.

    A Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits, four core modules) is offered.

    Core modules

    • Introduction to Pain: Economics, Evidence Delivery (15 credits)
    • Acute Pain (15 credits)
    • Chronic Pain (15 credits)
    • Pain in Cancer Patients (15 credits)
    • Headache, Paediatric Pain & Abdominopelvic Pain (15 credits)
    • Strategies for the Self-Management of Pain (15 credits)
    • Neuromodulation (15 credits)
    • Pain in the Community (15 credits)

    Optional modules

    There are no optional modules for this programme.


    Successful completion of the MSc requires a 5,000- to 8,000-word dissertation on a topic that is relevant to the candidate's own clinical practice and has been covered, at least superficially, at some point in the programme. The options for the dissertation will be discussed with each student but can include, where possible, joining clinical research at the UCLH Pain Management Centre, study in-depth of topics, preparing for higher (doctoral) research, etc. Students will have two supervisors and a mentor.

    Teaching and learning

    This programme is delivered via a specially-designed online learning environment with additional workshops and discussions to support students on the journey towards making a real difference for people living with pain. 

    UK requirements for international applications

    Universities in the United Kingdom use a centralized system of undergraduate application: University and College Admissions Service (UCAS). It is used by both domestic and international students. Students have to register on the UCAS website before applying to the university. They will find all the necessary information about the application process on this website. Some graduate courses also require registration on this website, but in most cases students have to apply directly to the university. Some universities also accept undergraduate application through Common App (the information about it could be found on universities' websites).

    Both undergraduate and graduate students may receive three types of responses from the university. The first one, “unconditional offer” means that you already reached all requirements and may be admitted to the university. The second one, “conditional offer” makes your admission possible if you fulfill some criteria – for example, have good grades on final exams. The third one, “unsuccessful application” means that you, unfortunately, could not be admitted to the university of you choice.

    All universities require personal statement, which should include the reasons to study in the UK and the information about personal and professional goals of the student and a transcript, which includes grades received in high school or in the previous university.


    A minimum of a second-class UK Bachelor's degree or an overseas qualification of an equivalent standard. Applicants should also be registered/licensed healthcare professionals with a demonstrable interest in pain management.

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