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    The Master in Business and Management (MBM) is delivered by the School of Economics and Business Administration and the School of Pharmacy of the University of Padua. It is a course designed for students who do not have a previous background in business and economics.

    Therefore it is ideal for students with a science degree such as chemistry, biology, pharmacy, engineering, statistics, agriculture, etc. Other degree courses may also be taken into consideration, so if you hold a degree in any area outside the business and economics field do get in touch with us and we will be able to advise you on whether our MBM is an appropriate course for you.

    The MBM has some subject specific modules (electives) in the Fragrance and Cosmetics sector and electives in Food Service Management.

    Aims and Objectives
    Our main aim is to train professionals with a first degree in a non business area in order to be able to learn and apply concepts, contents and the language related to the management field. The master provides on the one hand a solid knowledge in different aspects of the management area (accounting and finance, organisations, marketing, production, strategy, international management, business plan) and on the other hand a specific view of one industry sector (Fragrance & Cosmetics Management and Food Service Management).
    Our specific objectives are:
    * To provide a good solid base in business and management for students with a science background or any other background outside the business area.
    * To prepare students for a career in the modern business world.
    * To get students in touch with the reality of the industry by combining theory with practice.
    * To provide the student with an international learning environment.

    The Master is organised in 7 core modules in business and management plus 3 subject specific modules (electives) in the fragrance and cosmetics sector.
    Each module lasts approximately 30 hours and they are organised in blocks of two-three weeks per module:

    Core Modules
    * Accounting & Finance
    * Management in Organisations
    * Operations Management
    * Marketing Management and Consumer Behaviour
    * International Management
    * Strategic Management of the Enterprise
    * Business Planning
    Elective Modules (Fragrance and Cosmetics)
    * Environmental Management and Regulatory Affairs in the Cosmetics Industry
    * New Product Development in Fragrance and Cosmetics
    * The Management of Operations in Cosmetic Companies
    Elective Modules (Food Service Management)
    * Italian Food Products and Services: trends and markets
    * Italian Food Service Style Management: products and territories
    * Italian Food Service Style Management: retail and service solutions


    Applicants are required to hold a Bachelor Degree or equivalent in a scientific subject such as biotechnology, agrarian science, agriculture, engineering, science, biology, food and nutrition studies. Students not holding a scientific title may be admitted on request. In addiction, prospective students must show a good knowledge of English, both written and spoken.
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