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  • English
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  • 15 Tháng tư 2017
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  • 2 years

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    The Masters Programme in Cognitive Neuroscience (LM-51) offers an understanding of the neural correlates of cognitive processes as well as the relationship between the development of the mind and the brain. This programme, which is held in English, aims to train psychologists to identify specific cognitive deficits, evaluate their impact on emotional states and quality of patient life, and adopt appropriate rehabilitative action.

    Students conduct supervised research and other educational projects in neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, psychobiology and physiological psychology and can complete their experimental thesis at the Department research labs or at partner labs, including IRCCS Santa Lucia Foundation, CNR Institute of Sciences and Technologies of Cognition, and the Institute of Cellular Biology and Neurobiology.


    •  Experimental methods in Social Neuroscience
    • Affective neuroscience across the lifespan
    • Perceptual and cognitive processing
    • Cognitive Neuroimaging
    • Individual differences in personality and temperament
    • Data analysis and statistical testing in cognitive neuroscience
    • Engineering Psychology and Human Performance
    • Learning disabilities
    • Neuropsychology
    • Cellular and Molecular neurobiology
    • Clinical psychology


    Applicants will be selected based on their educational career and curriculum vitae. As per EUROPSY requirements, applicants should have completed a substantial number of credits in disciplines related to psychology. There is no admission examination.

    Tuition fees at Sapienza University are amongst the lowest in Europe. Moreover, Sapienza offers lower tuition costs to students from developing countries.

    Sapienza also helps hundreds of students to reduce the cost of their education. The university provides a variety of scholarships to both Italian and foreign students based on merit and need. Moreover, other scholarships are provided by EU authorities and programmes.

    Sapienza also offers many paid part-time positions within university offices that allow students to earn an income and gain valuable work experience.

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