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  • Local: $ 12.1k / 1 YEAR
  • Foreign: $ 12.1k / 1 YEAR
  • Languages of instruction:
  • English
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  • 4055pts.
  • Duration:
  • 1 year

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    The MBA Sports Management aims to prepare future sport managers for the role of directing sporting organizations, by emphasising industry-specific management and planning capacities.

    To this end, the Master addresses the acquisition of advanced training of a specialized nature, geared towards a professional qualification. This qualification has the recognition, support and accreditation of UCAM. Both institutions enjoy the high international prestige and facilitate the further training of professionals, educating them in all areas of sports management.
    Through its Physical Activity and Sports Science Faculty UCAM has many partnerships agreements with private and public entities (companies, associations, federations, councils, etc.).
    Once all studies have been completed, students will receive the official title of MBA Sports Management,  with the endorsement of the Spanish Olympic Committee.

    The content and development of this MBA in Sports Management is continuously being adjusted to the professional demands required in professional practice. The program is aimed at the management and direction of sports organizations, public and private institutions, as well as the design, leadership and development of sports events.

    Courses Include:

    • Legal aspect of Sports Management, direction and Sponsorship
    • Research Methodology
    • Sport Marketing
    • Sport Communication and Protocol
    • Human Resources Management and Administration
    • Strategic Planning
    • Financial Management
    • Quality and Sustainability in Sports
    • Morphology and Planning of Sports Facilities and Equipment
    • Organization and Management of Sports Services and Events in Facilities
    • External Placements
    • Professional Final Thesis


    If you have completed a Higher Education Degree, it is time to perfect your formation with a Master’s Degree at UCAM. Here you will find information about the Admission Process and the simple steps you must take to make your enrollment as easy as possible. Depending on your country of origin, the bureaucracy can be long and problematic, but we are always available to help you by phone (+34 968 278 786) or email

    1) Documents to be scanned and sent in pdf format to

    • Passport
    • Degree certificate
    • Transcript of Results
    • Curriculum Vitae

    2) Candidate contacted for Skype interview (

    3) UCAM issues Conditional Offer Letter

    4) Online pre-registration

    5) Legalization/translation of documents - when required

    6) UCAM issues acceptance letter

    7) Formal acceptance

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