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The graduate program in genetics and molecular biology leads to master’s and doctoral degrees with majors in animal genetics and evolution, plant genetics, genetics of microorganisms, microbiology, immunology and bioinformatics. Students gain a strong grounding in molecular genetics; recombinant DNA technology; bacteriology; virology; biotechnology; the mechanisms, cells and molecules involved in the immune response; and informatics applied to genetics. Essentially, students acquire an understanding of the gene and how to use molecular biology, genetic engineering, microbiology, immunology and bioinformatics methodologies to increase our understanding of how organisms function. The program thus prepares students for teaching and research activities in both the academic world and industry.

Major Area: Animal Genetics and Evolution
Lines of Research
1. Evolution
2. Animal Genetics and Molecular Biology

Major Area: Plant Genetics and Genetic Breeding
Lines of Research
1. Plant Genetics and Molecular Biology
2. Plant biotechnology

Major Area: Genetics of Microorganisms
Lines of Research
1. Genetics and molecular biology of microorganisms

Major Area: Microbiology
Lines of Research
1. Virulence mechanisms in microorganisms
2. Animal virology

Major Area: Immunology
Lines of Research
1. Immunology of parasitic and infectious diseases
2. Immunobiology

Major Area: Bioinformatics
Lines of Research
1. Methodology for analyzing data in biological systems


To be eligible for admission as a degree-seeking graduate student (i.e., masters or doctoral programs), students must hold a university degree. Admission to graduate programs is subject to course-specific standards and requirements, which vary from one field to another. In order to find out these requirements, the student must get in touch with the specific department and request admission information (selection procedures, deadlines, etc). In general, applicants are evaluated by means of a written exam, a study plan and personal interviews.

Foreign students have their requests and documents initially reviewed by the Graduate Program Coordinator of the program he/she is interested. If accepted, a letter of conditional acceptance at the university will be issued and emailed to the student with a digital certification. This will enable the student to apply for a student visa, required for class registration upon arrival. You should not try to come on a tourist visa: A change of visa status after entering Brazil is not possible.

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