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    At the Master's level, the Building Construction curriculum prepares students with the professional capabilities to critically address present and evolving needs of the construction industry. The Master of Science in Building Construction Science and Management (MS-BCSM) degree offers the opportunity for advanced study and research in specialized areas related to building design, construction, operations, and end-of-life-cycle, providing the basis for diverse career paths in the construction industry or entry into a Ph.D. level program.

    While an undergraduate degree in Building Construction or related fields is not required, applicants must demonstrate relevant background, and professional experience in the construction industry is recommended. Applicants must also demonstrate the capability for undertaking advanced academic study. The Master of Science degree in BCSM requires a total of 32 credit hours of core courses and electives. Students may complete their degree requirements through independent investigation on a subject of their own interest through a faculty-supervised Thesis or Project & Report, or they may elect to complete their degree requirements through a final exit examination.

    The Master of Science in Building Construction Science and Management program consists of 32 credit hours of coursework including core courses and electives in construction-, design-, and business-related disciplines. Students may complete their degree requirements either through independent investigation on a subject of their own interest through a faculty-supervised Thesis or Project & Report, or through a final exit examination administered by the faculty.

    Students without an undergraduate degree in Building Construction are encouraged to take additional supporting courses from the core undergraduate Building Construction curriculum to better equip them for success in the highly competitive construction industry, depending on their individual background and experience. These additional courses can be completed concurrently with the student's graduate plan of study. 


    Industry Track

    The Industry Track offers opportunities for students who are interested in a career in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry after graduation. This track allows students to explore the key topics and issues that face the AEC industry, working closely with faculty and industry leaders. Students in this track may customize their course of study though their choice of elective courses both inside and outside the School of Construction, as well as through independent study working directly with faculty. Internships, executive shadowing experiences, and extracurricular opportunities round out the industry track experience, resulting in students who are well-prepared to develop cutting edge solutions to industry challenges and carry their companies forward into the future. Students will complete their degree in this track with a final oral exit exam administered by the construction faculty.

    Research Track

    The Research Track offers a chance for students who wish to explore an industry problem at a more detailed level, or who are considering further study at the doctoral level as part of their future career goals. This track offers both the basic coursework to equip graduates for a construction career as well as a chance to focus in detail on a problem of interest through a faculty-supervised one-semester project or two-semester thesis. Students in this track may customize their course of study using electives both inside and outside the School of Construction, and will choose three faculty with complementary expertise to supervise their research in a problem area of interest to them. Students in this track have the opportunity to interact with industry through internships as well as working directly with companies to complete their research investigations. Graduates of this track will be equipped to pursue fast-track careers in industry or in academia through further study.


    • BC 5024 - Cost Management of the Building Process
    • BC 5064 - Innovation in Construction
    • BC 5134 - Sustainable Facility Systems
    • BC 5144 - Sustainable Infrastructure Systems
    • BC 5314 (CNST 5314) - Applied Building Sciences
    • BC 5514 - Principles and Practices of Construction I
    • BC 5524 - Principles and Practices of Construction II
    • BC 5904 - Project and Report
    • BC 5974 - Independent Study
    • BC 5984 - Special Study
    • BC 5994 - Research and Thesis
    • BC 6984 - Special Study

    USA requirements for international students

    Each university in the Unites States of America sets its own admission standards so there isn't the same criteria for all the students and the university can decide which applicants meet those standards. The fee for each application is between $35 to $100. 

    After the selections of the universities you want to attend, the best of all would be to contact each university for an application form and more admission information for the international students. Moreover, for a graduate or postgraduate program it's necessary to verify the admission requirements. Some programs require that you send your application directly to their department. 

    Admissions decisions are based on students's academic record and different test scores, such as TOEFL, the SAT or ACT (for undergraduate programs) and GRE or GMAT (for graduate programs). Admission decision is based on your academic results and motivation.


    • Transcripts. Include a scanned copy of your college transcripts with your online application, then arrange for an official copy to be sent to us after you receive an offer of admission.
    • Letters of Recommendation. Check to see whether your department requires letters of recommendation from references. If so, you can include their email addresses in your online application, or have them send paper copies directly to your program’s department.
    • Application Fees. Degree-seeking students must include a $75 fee with their application, though check to see if you qualify for a waiver or reduced fee.
    • TOEFL Paper 550.0, Computer 213.0, iBT 80.0
    • GRE Requirements: GRE scores are required from all international applicants and may be required for domestic applicants based on background and education. Students who would like to be considered for fellowships and other financial assistance should take the Graduate Record Exam and submit scores as part of the application.
    • Minimum GPA: 3.0
    • Institution code: 5859


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