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  • Local: n/a
  • Foreign: Free
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  • English
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  • 15 Tháng một
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  • 555pts.
  • Duration:
  • 2 years
    The Master's programme Electrical Engineering is a research-oriented programme. It imparts knowledge and competencies for a professional life in academic and industrial occupational fields. Students can select one of the following two major fields of study:
    • Information Technology
    • Power Engineering
    There are obligatory German language classes.

    Educational organisation

    During the first three semesters, students follow mandatory and elective courses in order to achieve a total sum of 90 credit points (30 credit points each semester). In the fourth semester, students will write and defend their Master's thesis (30 credit points).

    Study abroad unit(s)


    Forms of assessment

    Projects, presentations, written and oral exams, Master's thesis (viva voce)

    Course objectives

    The university Master's degree in Electrical Engineering offers best possibilities for a leading position in a company or a researcher position in the field of engineering in Germany and abroad. It also offers the possibility for graduates to enter a doctoral programme. The ever-growing demand for engineers opens up prospects for the future with good job offers and excellent career opportunities.


    Language requirements

    TOEFL score of at least 71% of the total score (iBT - Internet-based test) or an equivalent like an IELTS 6.5 score. The results may not be older than two years. Native speakers are exempt.

    Academic requirements

    All applicants should meet the following criteria:
    (1) First academic degree (at least 180 credit points) in Electrical Engineering or a related scientific field of study
    (2) A final grade in the Bachelor's degree that corresponds to a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 75% or higher
    (3) At least 24 credit points in mathematics and at least 6 credit points in theoretical electrical engineering

    Enrolment fees

    Each semester, students are required to pay a semester fee including the semester ticket for public transport - approx. 170 EUR per semester (subject to change).

    Costs of living

    In order to cover your living expenses, you should have a budget of about 670 EUR per month. Initially, this must be self-financed. When calculating your budget, you should include fix costs such as semester fees, health insurance, rent, and study materials. Detailed information on costs of living are given on the websites of Rostock University or the DAAD.

    Job opportunities

    There are limited opportunities for international students to work while studying. Foreign students with a residence permit for study purposes are allowed to work as far as this work does not exceed 120 full days or 240 half days a calendar year. In addition, they can work as student assistants. Other jobs need to be approved by the labour authorities and the Immigration Office. Permissions are granted only in special cases. Thus, you should not plan to finance your studies by working during the programme.

    Arrival support

    Arrival support is provided through the Rostock International House ( or the student council ( and the "Studentenwerk" (

    Services and support for international students

    International students receive information and support by the institutes as well as the Rostock International House (RIH). The institutes inform about subject-specific matters, and RIH helps with everything else like accommodation, visa, language courses, and more.

    In addition to the personal consulting and care, the following offers are available:
    • Orientation weeks and first semester introduction for international students (welcome, information, introduction to library, language centre, and more)
    • mentoring from students who have been at the university longer
    • tandem programme
    • German student organisations like LEI, student council, ASTA with supporting offers like a pick up service from the train station, cultural offers, excursions, welcome parties, sport events, and more.


    Rostock's dormitory places are arranged and assigned by the student services organisation Studentenwerk Rostock. Their website provides information on location, facilities, and monthly rent. An application for a place in a dormitory can be filed online or downloaded and sent by mail to the following address:

    Studentenwerk Rostock
    Abt. Studentisches Wohnen
    St.-Georg-Straße 104 - 107
    18055 Rostock
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