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    Since its inception in the academic year 2012/13 (October 2012), Bielefeld University and the University of Bologna have joined forces in offering this joint two-year Master's degree programme in History. Enrolled students will spend one academic year in both Bologna and Bielefeld and graduates will receive MA degrees from both universities. The wide range of themes explored in Bologna and the theory-based approach pursued by Bielefeld University complement one another exceptionally well, allowing the programme to combine the strengths of two of Europe's outstanding teaching and research institutions, resulting in a unique and attractive curriculum.
    The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers scholarships in support of this binational programme. Students participating in the programme can apply for a monthly grant of 675 EUR plus the specific country lump sum and insurance charges.

    Educational organisation

    German students will spend the the first and fourth semester in Bielefeld and the second and third semester in Bologna. Italian students will spend the first and second semester in Bologna before transferring to Bielefeld for the third and fourth semester.
    Students can improve their language skills through classes offered at both universities. Participants will also be offered classes on the cultural and academic characteristics of the country that will entail a year abroad for them.

    Study abroad unit(s)

    German participants spend the second and third semester of their studies at the University of Bologna, Italy. Likewise, Italian students spend their full second year at Bielefeld University.


    Students have the opportunity to pursue various internships. Both Bielefeld and Bologna have established partnerships with many local and national enterprises, institutions, foundations, etc. in the area of potential future career opportunities. A list of these cooperation partners is available for participating students.

    Forms of assessment

    Paper presentation, oral exams, term papers (tesine), essays, Master's thesis

    Course objectives

    Students will acquire academic and intercultural skills that provide further options for German and Italian students to open up career opportunities in both traditional academic professional paths and non-academic settings like cultural and scientific management organisations, journalism, foundations, international organisations and more.


    Language requirements

    Applicants must provide proof of their German and Italian language skills. They have to demonstrate necessary skills in order to be able to follow the different classes taught in the respective languages. The specific language needed for the stay abroad (Italian for German students, German for Italian students) can be further developed by language classes offered at both universities (Bielefeld and Bologna) throughout the student's stay at their home universities.

    Academic requirements

    Applicants must hold a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in history (German Bachelor of Arts, Italian Laurea). Applications (resume, Bachelor's certificate, cover letter/statement of purpose, Bachelor's thesis evaluation) can be submitted in Bielefeld or Bologna.
    For Bielefeld, applications must be sent to

    Enrolment fees

    Currently approx. 270 EUR per semester, including a ticket for public transport in the city of Bielefeld and the whole state of North Rhine-Westphalia

    Costs of living

    The following monthly costs can be expected: the rent in a student hall of residence, in private halls, rooms, or flats amounts to about 300 EUR per month; health insurance is about 80 EUR per month; and a meal in the students' canteen (Mensa) costs less than 3 EUR. According to lifestyle, about 150 EUR per month can be expected to be spent on food. So the cost of living amounts to approx. 670 EUR monthly, i.e. some 8,000 EUR per year.

    Job opportunities

    Basically, international students are allowed to work parallel to their studies for 120 full days or 240 half days per year without a work permit once they have successfully completed preparations for their studies and started a course.
    A limited number of jobs are available at the university; however, jobs for students can also be found in companies in and around Bielefeld.

    Funding opportunities within the university

    The university society "Westfälisch-Lippische Universitätsgesellschaft" awards some partial stipends for excellent international Master's students.

    Arrival support

    Personal mentoring programmes as well as several welcoming services are offered by the International Office. Additionally, the International Office organises introduction days for all international students and provides individual counselling.

    Services and support for international students

    In addition to many services and facilities available to all students, the International Office offers a wide range of special services helping international students to adjust to their new surroundings and provides them with continuing support that will enhance their learning.
    At the beginning of each semester, a leisure day programme with a variety of activities is published to which all international students are invited: day excursions, weekend trips, journeys taking several days, and evening meetings in the international contact centre.
    The PunktUm project offers international students interdisciplinary assistance with acquiring basic academic skills. Project offers are composed of individual counselling, workshops, and courses on the following contents: academic writing, oral study achievements, and scientific language for subject related and interdisciplinary use. Bielefeld University's Brother-Sister Programme is a personal tutoring programme for all foreign freshmen and participants of the German language courses. Students of all semesters and fields of study support students new to Bielefeld in dealing with organisational difficulties and in other new situations that arise during their first semester.
    In 1985, the Society for the Support for International Students was founded with the purpose of supporting international students and scholars/scientists of the Bielefeld academies and encouraging new contacts and relationships with the people of the region.


    In Bielefeld, a broad range of accommodation options can be found at affordable prices.
    Housing options include 17 halls of residence, which are run by the public "Studentenwerk" and private organisations. Additionally, single apartments as well as rooms in shared flats with other students are available. The rent for a room in Bielefeld amounts to about 180 to 300 EUR per month. The International Office supports students who are searching for accommodation.
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