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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Local: n/a
  • Foreign: $ 832 / Semester
  • Languages of instruction:
  • English
  • Deadline:
  • 15 Tháng bảy
  • StudyQA ranking:
  • 708pts.
  • Duration:
  • 2 years
    The programme uses the strength of the surrounding region and benefits from its advantages. Students will be trained in the philosophy and analysis of monumental heritage.
    Design and technical details of protection are taught with the help of UNESCO monuments in the region. In addition to these regional examples, students will gain an international perspective on monumental heritage.
    The programme includes practical elements and excursions.

    Educational organisation

    First programme semester
    Humanities: Fundamentals
    • Theory of heritage management
    • Theory of architecture I
    Technical aspects: Technology I:
    • Technical fundamentals of heritage management
    • Construction methods and structures of organic materials
    Project I
    German language

    Second programme semester
    • Garden heritage management
    • Theory of architecture II
    Technology II:
    • Technical fundamentals of garden heritage
    • Construction methods and structures of inorganic materials
    Project II
    German language

    Third programme semester
    Compulsory modules:
    • Modernities
    • Urban design
    Theory of architecture III
    Technology III:
    • Technical fundamentals of Modernity
    • Urban construction methods and structures
    Project III
    Elective I
    Elective II

    Fourth programme semester
    Master's thesis
    Master's colloquium

    Forms of assessment

    Types of exam: design/written assignment
    Presentation and colloquium
    Term paper
    Experimental work

    Course objectives

    Graduates should possess theoretical and practical skills for the conservation of heritage listed properties, particularly World Heritage sites, may draw action plans for the conservation and protection and can be incorporated in historic legal issues. Public relations and tourism management are additional competencies to be acquired.


    Language requirements

    The programme is conducted in English. Students must demonstrate adequate language skills according to TOEFL examination standards or equivalent. Knowledge of German is not required but is offered as an elective course in order to provide interested students with the possibility to learn the language of the host country.

    Academic requirements

    Students need a minimum of a three- to five-year Bachelor's degree in architecture recognised in Germany. Bachelor's degree holders in disciplines such as archaeology, art history, geography, civil engineering, history, planning and surveying, design, interior design or students interested in the preservation of monuments are also accepted. Candidates may also be admitted on the basis of relevant work experience.

    Enrolment fees

    76 EUR semester fee (covering a contribution to the Student Services and Student Union, but no public transport semester ticket is included or available)

    Costs of living

    Approx. 670 EUR per month to cover living expenses (incl. accommodation, excl. health insurance costs). Cheap rail fares/student discount on trains available.

    Job opportunities

    The university does not offer jobs. There are, however, numerous job options in the city. Language tutors are in high demand.

    Arrival support

    Students receive information before arrival concerning accommodation, schedules and other relevant questions. The semester starts with a meeting of all students and staff.
    The International Office/Akademisches Auslandsamt runs a student-to-student buddy programme for incoming international students at all three sites of Anhalt University. This includes pre- and post-arrival support (pick-up support, local information on university and place of residence etc.).
    Interested international students should contact their future degree programme staff at Anhalt if they wish to have a buddy before and on arrival.
    Anhalt University's sites at Köthen, Bernburg and Dessau run different formats of welcoming sessions/weeks for international students at the beginning of each semester.
    For further information see:

    Services and support for international students

    Both programme co-ordinators and the International Office/Akademisches Auslandsamt offer support services for international students during their entire stay at Anhalt University (social and study related).
    For further information see:

    Academic Adviser for Monumental Heritage (MMH): Ms Annemarie Reimann
    Campus Coordinator for International Students: Ms Yili Lu


    Accommodation near the campus is offered by the Studentenwerk Halle / Student Services. The Studentenwerk works together with the university but is an independent institution. In order to reserve a room, the application should be sent as soon as possible.
    Student Services runs an online application portal for student housing. Only online applications are accepted and need to be submitted under:

    Apartment and room shares are also available, but it will take time and effort to find something appropriate, so please plan ahead. No guaranteed accommodation is available.
    For further information see:
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