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  • Foreign: Free
  • Languages of instruction:
  • English
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  • 15 Tháng bảy
    This English-language Master's course covers a wide range of modules with a focus on future challenges in the fields of Information and Communication Systems.

    The typical and compulsory subjects are:
    • Next-Generation Internet
    • Simulation and Performance Analysis
    • Network Planning
    • Basics of Microwaves and Photonic Systems
    • Optical Communication Networks
    • Multisensorial Systems
    • Mobile and Car to x Communication
    • Mobile Localisation and Navigation
    • Advanced Communication Engineering
    • Wireless Broadband Data Reception
    • TV and Video Signal Processing
    • 3D Image Processing for Embedded Systems
    • Components and Architecture of Embedded Systems

    Educational organisation

    Compulsory (obligatory) modules:
    • Multisensorial System (semester 1 & 2, lect/lab)
    • Mobile & Car to X Communication (semester 1, lect)
    • Mobile Localisation and Navigation (semester 3, lect)
    • Advanced Comm. Eng. (semester 3, lect)
    • Basics of Micowave & Photonic Systems (semester 1 & 2, lect/sem/lab)
    • Opt. Comm. Networks (semester 2 & 3, lect)
    • EDA-Tools (semester 1 & 2, lect/sem/lab)
    • Components & Architectures of Embedded Systems (semester 1 & 2, lect/lab)
    • Next Generation Internet (semester 1, lect/sem)
    • Simul.& Perform. Analysis of Comm. Networks (semester 2, lect)
    • Network Sim. Lab (semester 2, lab)
    • Network Planning (semester 3, lect)
    • TV & Video Signal Processing (semester 1 & 2, lect/sem)
    • Wireless Broadband Data Reception (semester 3, lect/sem)
    • Computer Vision (semester 2, lect/sem)

    Elective (optional) modules
    Students have to elect modules from the following catalogue in order to earn 34 credits:
    • Image processing & pattern recognition (semester 2 & 3, lect/lab) - 5cr
    • Aerospace Remote Sensing (semester 3, lect/sem/lab) - 6cr
    • Antennas & Wave Propagation (semester 2, lect) - 2cr
    • Design of Heterogeneous Systems (semester 3, lect/lab) - 5cr
    • Design for Testability of Circuits & Systems (semester 1, lect/sem) - 2cr
    • Software Environment of Smartphone Applications (semester 3, sem/lab) - 3cr
    • IP Networking Lab (semester 1, lab) - 2cr
    • Comm. Netw. Seminar (semester 3, sem) - 2cr
    • Network Security (semester 2, lect/sem) - 3cr
    • Mobile Networks (semester 1 & 2, lect/sem) - 3cr
    • Self Organising Networks (semester 2, lect) - 2cr
    • 3D Image Processing on Embedded Systems (semester 3, lect/sem) - 3cr
    • Digital Systems (semester 2, lect/sem) - 2cr
    • Numerical Sim. with MATLAB (semester 2, lect/sem) - 2cr
    • Optimisation for Non-mathematicians (semester 3, lect/sem) - 6cr
    • English in Study and Professional Communication V (semester 2, lsem) - 4cr
    • English in Study and Professional Communication VI (semester 3, lsem) - 4cr
    • Management Accounting (semester 3, lect/sem) - 3cr
    • Communication & Leadership (semester 1, lect/sem) - 4cr
    • Research Project (semester 3, at the university) - 10cr

    Master's thesis (obligatory, at the university)

    Study abroad unit(s)


    Forms of assessment

    Oral and written

    Course objectives

    Advanced scientific skills in information and communication systems


    Language requirements

    • IELTS from 5.0
    • TOEFL internet based: min. 87 points
    • TOEFL paper based: min. 500 points
    • TOEFL computer based: min. 173 points
    • Cambridge: from First Certificate in English
    • TOEIC: 785-944 points
    • Confirmation of (undergraduate) lessons in English
    • Studies of English language
    • Translator

    A2 (CEFR),
    • A1 (CEFR) at the time of application (condition for regular admission and enrolment)
    • A2 (CEFR) latest by the end of the third semester
    (CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

    Academic requirements

    • Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering (Bachelorstudiengang Elektrotechnik) or Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication Technology (Bachelorstudiengang Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik) from Technische Universität Chemnitz/Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology (Technische Universität Chemnitz/Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik)
    • Equivalent degree (checked by board of examiners)

    Enrolment fees

    All students have to pay a semester contribution of approx. 250 EUR.
    This fee also covers the semester ticket, which permits you to use buses and trams in Chemnitz during the semester. International students will receive a blank bank transfer form with which to transfer the semester contribution. However, the fee can also be paid after arrival in Chemnitz via German bank card or bank transfer.

    Costs of living

    Approx. 680 EUR per month to cover personal expenses

    Job opportunities


    Arrival support

    The Orientation Week usually takes place in the first week of the semester. During this week, the International Office offers a number of activities such as an information session on all questions related to studying at Technische Universität Chemnitz, a library and campus tour, visits to the media centre of the language centre as well as to the computer labs. Participation in the Orientation Week is free of charge.

    Services and support for international students

    The Buddy Student Programme at Technische Universität Chemnitz, organised by the International Office, will help you to get in contact with German students and scholars. The members organise several events during the semester and offer practical tips for living and studying in Chemnitz.


    The Student Union Chemnitz-Zwickau runs several student residences. International students can apply for a single room or for a bed in a double room in one of the residences. The prices depend on the furnishings of the room and vary between 180 EUR and 250 EUR.
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