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  • English
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  • 1 Tháng mười một
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  • 3 years

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    The study programme Psychology deals with the general principles of human behaviour, feeling and thought, their empirical investigation and the implications of research findings for theoretical questions and in a variety of applied settings. At the centre of this programme is the role of human cognition and feelings for interaction and communication across multiple dimensions of diversity with respect to the individual, dyads and groups or within and between societies. Understanding and explaining related phenomena such as conflict and cooperation involves an interdisciplinary view on the interaction of biological, psychological, and cultural processes. The programme includes training in analytic and research methods as well as in a range of applied (interpersonal and intercultural) skills.

    Educational organisation

    Jacobs University Bremen programmes are individually structured. Every student is assigned to a specific professor within the programme or an adjacent programme for academic advice. The goal of academic advising is to provide detailed information to students concerning the programme of study and to help students manage their time at university to their best advantage.

    Study abroad unit(s)



    The internship programme is a core element of Jacobs University's employability approach. It includes a mandatory semester-long internship off-campus (minimum 16 weeks full-time), which provides insight into the labour market as well as practical work experience related to the respective area of study. Successful internships may initiate career opportunities for students. For more information, please contact the Career Services Center (http://csc-microsite.user.jacobs-university.de/contact-us).
    As an alternative to the internship, a study abroad semester is also possible.

    Forms of assessment

    Students are required to maintain a successful record of achievement and progress towards their degree. They must keep up a good rating within the university. The Bachelor's study programme comprises of 180 ECTS credit points, which are awarded upon successful completion of mandatory and mandatory elective modules.
    A variety of forms of assessment are used such as written exams, presentations, oral exams, written assignments, project/lab reports, and Bachelor's thesis.

    Course objectives

    Careers are possible in fields related to human interaction and communication, including intercultural relations, diversity management, human resources, information and media, sales and advertising, politics, and non-governmental organisations. The programme is also a good preparation for advanced graduate studies in a variety of psychological disciplines.


    Language requirements

    TOEFL or equivalent for non-native speakers of English

    Academic requirements

    Completed application form for admission, essay in English, two letters of recommendation, school transcripts from the last four years, SAT Reasoning Test or ACT, TOEFL scores or equivalent

    Enrolment fees

    500 EUR enrolment fee

    Costs of living

    500 EUR per month for room and full board (single room, shared bathroom and three meals a day) during the spring and fall semesters.

    Job opportunities

    Campus jobs are available at Jacobs University Bremen.

    Funding opportunities within the university

    All students can apply for financial aid packages, which normally consist of a combination of grants and student loans. Jacobs University Bremen awards generous scholarships to motivated, socially committed, excellent academic performers from around the globe who are outstanding representatives of their parts of the world.

    Arrival support

    We offer an orientation week, which includes of the all the information that is important to new students (residence permit, insurance, student life, academic matters etc.).

    Services and support for international students

    The orientation week is the same for all students. Faculty advisers, senior student advisers, local volunteers and host families in Bremen have worked closely with us to make our students feel welcome in their new environment.


    Jacobs University Bremen is a campus university. Undergraduate students live in apartments with two single rooms in residential colleges. The campus provides a gym, a fitness centre, a football pitch, sport courts, a cinema, and a Student Activity Center. Residential colleges are led by Resident Mentors, College Coordinators and their student teams.

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