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  • 30 Tháng chín 2016


    The master's programme in financial management has been designed as an in-depth study and research programme. It covers the broad area of the financial management of businesses, banks, and other financial institutions, as well as the operation of financial markets. The program also provides financial knowledge for nonprofit organizations and the public sector. In addition to theory, there is also an emphasis on practical matters in obtaining and investing funds or money management. The program covers the area in full, and at the same time the appropriate selection of courses and a topic for the master's thesis enable students to focus on the financial management of businesses, banks, other financial institutions, the operation of financial markets, or the insurance industry. The goal of the programme is to enable students, guided by outstanding professors, to receive not only a master's degree but also thorough and applicable knowledge in the area of finances that is sought and valued in both the business world and the public sector.

    Programme Bank and Financial Management can be also part of Double degree programme. For students who want to spend part of their Master's studies at a foreign university there is a possibility to participate in a Double-Degree two-year Master's Programme jointly organized by:

    * University of Ljubljana (UL)
    * Norwegian School of Management (BI)
    * École Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales dAngers, France (ESSCA)

    The Double-Degree Programme includes spending one year in the MSc Programme of the partner university and leads to obtaining a double Master's Degree, both from the home university (UL) and partner foreign university. Given high quality of Master's Programmes of partner universities this is an excellent entry point for ambitious students to international job market or an academic career.

    1. year

    1. semester

    * Economic Policies of the EU
    * Managerial Economics
    * Research Methods and Techniques
    * *Economic Policies of the EU
    * Research Methods and Techniques
    * *Organization and management
    * Managerial Economics

    2. semester

    * Corporate Finance 2
    * Strategic Management 2
    * Corporate Finance
    * Strategic Management 2
    * **Corporate Valuation
    * **Insurance Finance

    2. year

    3. semester

    * Financial Statement Analysis 2
    * Financial Institutions Management

    4. semester

    * **Bank Management
    * **Theory of Corporate Finance

    **student selects one of the two offered obligatory courses type 11


    The admission requirements are: * Bachelor´s degree * Transcript of records from bachelor´s programme * Certificate of advanced English language skills or certificate of a completed English-language bachelor´s programme * Completed application form * Letter of motivation (1.000 - 1.500 words)
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