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    It is also concerned with the manufacturing processes that convert basic materials into final engineered products and with the design of innovative new materials for the continuously evolving needs of society. If asphalt could be designed so that it repaired itself, all that inconvenience and congestion that results from road repair would be a thing of the past. And if lighter materials could replace the current metals in auto bodies at an affordable price, far less fuel would be required to get from point A to point B. Those challenges are the sort that materials engineers and materials scientists confront every day in their work. == What you will learn == The MSc Programme in Materials Science & Engineering combines studies of the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of materials with the training in production techniques and the selection of appropriate materials for a wide range of applications. In the programme, you will gain an understanding of the behaviour of materials under different conditions and learn how to assess their suitability in products and industrial processes. You will study the design of new material properties at nano and micro levels to suit appli

    Accreditation: NVAO

    Erasmus Mundus program: This is an Erasmus Mundus program.


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    Other requirements

    1. minimum kennis (ISPAC: overige vereisten) Zie
    2. minimum kennis (ISPAC: overige vereisten) See:
    3. vooropleiding (ISPAC: vereiste vooropleiding) BScgraad (of zijn equivalent) van een hoge kwaliteit en niveau. Het hoofdonderwerp van desbetreffende Bachelor moet overeenkomen met het beoogde TU-Delft MSc-programma.
    4. vooropleiding (ISPAC: vereiste vooropleiding) BSc degree (or equivalent) of a high quality and level. The main subject of the BSc study should match the envisaged TU Delft MSc-programme.

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