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    Twenty-four campuses; 17,000 faculty and staff; 100,000 students; a teaching hospital that provides care to more than a million patients a year; over one-half million active alumni; an online World Campus that empowers anyone to pursue an education—anytime, anywhere; and the largest student-run philanthropic organization on the planet.

    We teach students that the real measure of success is what you do to improve the lives of others, and they learn to be hard-working leaders with a global perspective. We conduct research to improve lives. We add millions to the economy through projects in our state and beyond. We help communities by sharing our faculty expertise and research.

    Penn State lives close by no matter where you are. Our campuses are located from one side of Pennsylvania to the other. Through Penn State World Campus, students can take courses and work toward degrees online from anywhere on the globe that has Internet service.

    We support students in many ways, including advising and counseling services for school and life; diversity and inclusion services; social media sites; safety services; and emergency assistance.


    • Spacecraft Design--Preliminary
    • Spacecraft Design--Detailed
    • Flight Vehicle Design and Fabrication II
    • Experimental Methods and Projects
    • Aerodynamics of V/STOL Aircraft
    • Aerospace Propulsion
    • Turbulent Flow
    • Stability and Control of Aircraft
    • Principles of Flight Testing
    • Introduction to Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics
    • Advanced Computer Programming
    • Space Propulsion and Power Systems


    The entering M.Eng. or M.S. student must hold a bachelor's degree in engineering, physical science, or mathematics, and may be required to complete (without degree credit) undergraduate course work in fluid and solid mechanics and intermediate mathematical analysis, if not already completed. The department will consider students with a 3.0 junior/senior grade-point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale; students with special backgrounds, abilities, or interests may request a waiver to this GPA requirement. The best-qualified applicants will be accepted up to the number of spaces that are available. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 TOEFL paper-based test score : 550 TOEFL iBT® test: 80


    Penn State is ranked at No. 46 for 2014 in the Center for World University Rankings, up from No. 50 in 2013. The list includes national and international schools. Criteria for the rankings are: quality of faculty, publications in top journals, highly influential research, citations, patents, academic training of students, and professional future of alumni.

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