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    The International Master's Degree in Strategic Finance and Business Analytics (MSF) integrates corporate finance and strategic research disciplines, including the specifics of international financial markets.

    In international financial market conditions, the specific nuance is to understand the conditions in challenging financial environments like in emerging markets. By combining these three specific knowledge areas, the MSF programme is meeting the needs of global firms operating in turbulent environments and facing growing challenges in their strategic financial management.

    The important objectives of the programme are to familiarize students with the main areas of investigation and research techniques used in finance, strategic management and International financial markets, and to give them the general knowledge required to specialise in strategic finance.

    The combination of three important knowledge areas makes MSF programme a unique set of expertise blended with all the theoretical and practical knowledge of modern finance and thus is practical and career-oriented.

    Focus of MSF programme

    The programme in Strategic Finance and Business Analytics aims to assist students in enhancing their managerial effectiveness within the field of finance and strategic management. The programme also aims to achieve its goals of producing qualified professionals by providing a very thorough grounding in the principles and practice of finance, including corporate finance, strategic management, accounting, econometrics, and international finance.

    The primary objectives of the programme are:

    • to enable a systematic understanding and to link knowledge areas and processes in corporate finance, firm strategies, and financial markets, including current functions and future developments within these areas;
    • to develop critical, analytical, problem-based learning skills and transferable quantitative skills to prepare the student for professional career;
    • to enable the student to continue to engage in lifelong learning, study and enquiry;
    • to assist the student to develop further skills required for both autonomous practice and team-working;
    • to encourage students to adopt an analytical and creative approach to study and to develop the ability to argue rationally, communicate clearly, and form sound judgments;
    • to enhance students' knowledge, skills, and abilities through the execution of a Master's thesis.

    The Master's degree programme in Strategic Finance and Business Analytics takes two years, corresponding to 120 ECTS credits and leading to the degrees of Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration at the LUT School of Business. The language of tuition in the programme is English.

    The curriculum consists of core courses in the field of corporate finance, international financial management, comparative international accounting and security valuation with specialised modules in the fields of international financial markets and strategic research. It is possible to elect courses among a wide range of electives along with a minimum of 6 ECTS of language studies. The coursework is followed by completion of a Master's thesis on a relevant topic of strategic finance. A successful Master's thesis requires a detailed and vigorous theoretical and empirical analysis of the topic

    Intended Learning Outcomes

    The programme builds on previous studies at the undergraduate level in finance, accounting and strategic management. After completing the programme, students will be familiar with advanced theoretical and empirical concepts in finance, strategic research and international finance areas. The programme will extend their knowledge of the major areas of financial decision-making and train them to identify, analyze and resolve complex financial problems. Important objectives are to familiarise students with the main areas of investigation and research techniques used in finance, and to give them the general knowledge required to specialise in their preferred area of finance.

    Knowledge and Understanding

    Strategic thinking is becoming more important on the frontier of international strategy practices, where integration of finance and global strategy research is viewed both as an opportunity and a necessary development. Therefore, there is significant need to train individuals who can assess the challenges to conventional wisdom regarding the integration of contemporary finance and international business.

    The graduates of this Master's programme will be able to analyse managerial problems and make strategic decisions related to international business and finance. They are trained to understand the specifics of international business environments and its financial considerations in analysing the boundaries, governance and economic performance of corporations in global markets. The programme is designed to enhance international knowledge and skills, but special focus is given to the emerging international markets that are the primary target of current and future business activities. The programme curriculum has been refined to ensure that students receive both a conceptual framework and practical methodologies in economics, finance and strategic management.

    Regarding the competencies in the core field of finance, the students will gain knowledge in corporate finance, managerial economics, international financial management, valuation of financial assets and international accounting. More precisely, the students will train themselves in the basic areas of finance such as corporate finance, accounting and financial economics.

    For competencies in the specialised field of strategy research, students will increase their knowledge of the functional areas of strategic management, such as global strategic work and organisational strategy complemented with empirical strategy research using advanced econometric methods.

    Concerning international financial markets as the second area of specialisation, the students develop specific skills in international finance and corporate strategy, particularly in the context of emerging markets.

    Skills and abilities

    The aim of this specialist programme is to offer an International Master of Science degree of a high international standard that will give students required theoretical and practical competencies to conduct strategic planning in turbulent global financial environments. Therefore, the goal of the MSF programme is to develop skills in quantitative and analytical aspects of international business and finance.

    The Master Degree programme in Strategic Finance provides expertise in strategic management of financial assets and corporations in terms of the global knowledge-intensive environment. This is achieved by integrating both theoretical frameworks and practical applications. Students will gain expertise in the following aspects and areas: key concepts and knowledge of essential theories, applying theories, information acquisition and analysis, source critics, industry collaboration, tolerance and multiculturalism.

    Theoretical expertise is provided through active research by the core faculty, dissemination of research results into teaching, internationally distinguished visiting lecturers, and contemporary high-quality teaching materials. Our course assignments are theory-driven and carefully designed to support the development of rigorous analytical skills. Industry collaboration is an organic part of our curriculum and includes field projects and company assignments. The extensive global academic partnership network of the LUT School of Business exposes students to international learning culture and environment and prepares them for their challenging future careers.

    Values and attitudes

    The Master of Strategic Finance also shares a rich set of values and attitudes. First of all, our students are characterised as having a truly global mindset, as they are aware of opportunities and changes in the global financial environment.

    Second, students will have an innovative mindset, and they see dynamic business environments as opportunities and are trained to do strategic financial decision-making in such environments. And third, students also possess a strategic finance-oriented mindset, and they view finance as a strategic orientation of a firm. Graduates are committed to good financial practice, ethical, social and professional responsibility in all activities involved in tactical, operational and strategic financial decision-making.


    Completed DegreeYou are eligible to apply to the Master's Programme in Strategic Finance and Business Analytics (MSF) with one the following degrees:Bachelor of Science (Economics and Business Administration) from a Finnish universityBachelor of Business Administration (Tradenomi) from a Finnish University of Applied SciencesA Russian Spetsialist Degree in BusinessForeign University Degree in Business; provided that the degree gives qualifications for equivalent academic studies in the country in question, including an academic American style BBA Programme or an academic American style accredited MBA Programme a minimum of 80 ECTS credits of Business Administration studies*or studies deemed by the LUT School of Business to be sufficiently corresponding studies is required The completed studies must be composed of at least three different disciplines Business Administration.Academic minor subjects in Business produced by another business school in another university can also be acceptedCourses completed more than 15 years ago will not be considered unless they are included in your degree.Finnish University Degree or a Finnish Polytechnic Master's Degree in a field other than Business Administration a minimum of 24 ECTS credits of Business Administration studies*or studies deemed by the LUT School of Business to be sufficiently corresponding studies is required Academic minor subjects in Business produced by another business school in another university can also be accepted.Courses completed more than 15 years ago will not be considered unless they are included in your degree.* Studies in the following areas are referred to as studies in business administration: Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Management and Organisations, Business Law, Economics, Supply Management, Logistics and Knowledge Management. Studies in Methodology are also acceptable. It is your responsibility to list your former business studies according to discipline on your application.1 ECTS credit = an average input of 26 hours of work (including lectures, home assignments, etc.)NOTE: Please find the detailed information on the required previous studies at Admissions Criteria and Selection.NOTE: You are NOT eligible to apply with a degree of Master in Science in Economics and Business Administration.Applying as an UndergraduateIn case you are still studying or waiting to graduate, you are eligible to apply, but you must have completed your degree and mailed an officially certified copy of your Degree Certificate and Transcript of Records together with the official translations (if applicable), to Lappeenranta University of Technology / LUT Admissions Services by July 16, 2014.Proficiency in EnglishYou are required to present a language test certificate as proof of your English language skills. One of the following English language tests with the respective minimum scores is required:TOEFL: 80 iBT or 550 PBTIELTS: 6.0Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) or Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): grade A, B or CPTE Academic 54NOTE: A language certificate from your home university is not accepted. A language test certificate is not required from you if you have:Completed your degree in English in a member state of the EU/EEA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the U.S.A. The fact that the language of education was English, must be mentioned in the degree certificate, appendix, transcript or in a separate official document provided by the institution of higher education.Completed your degree in a Finnish university or university of applied sciences in Finnish, Swedish or English.Your language test result has to be valid throughout the whole application period - meaning, that in case of your language test result should expire even for only one day before the application deadline, you will need to have a new language test certificate.TOEFL, IELTS and PTE Academic language test certificates are valid for two years from the date of taking the test. CAE and CPE language tests must have been completed in 2005 or later, and their results are valid indefinitely. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6 TOEFL paper-based test score : 550 TOEFL iBT® test: 80


    Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) offers international degree students a limited number of scholarships in three different categories:

    • Tuition Fee Scholarship, covering 25-100 % of the tuition fee (if applicable)
    • Full Scholarship, covering the tuition fee and living expenses
    • Living Cost Scholarship, covering the living costs

    The scholarships are based on academic excellence and/or the need for financial aid to support the studies at LUT.

    Scholarship Programmes

    LUT General Scholarship Program

    The scholarships offer you the possibility of being financially supported during your period of study at LUT. The aim of the LUT general scholarship program is to help you with your tuition fee or to get financial support for your living expenses in adequately completing your studies at LUT. The student applies for a scholarship in one of the categories mentioned above, while LUT takes care of granting the possible scholarship from this programme.

    Partnership Scholarship Program for Russian Universities

    The aim of the scholarship program is to create more extensive cooperation between LUT and a number of Russian universities on education and research and to strengthen these networks, as well as to transfer knowledge between the Finnish and Russian economies.

    Students coming from these Russian universities do not have to specifically apply for this particular scholarship. The student applies for a scholarship in one of the categories mentioned above, while LUT takes care of granting the possible scholarship from this programme whenever the student becomes eligible for this scholarship.

    The Fulbright-Lappeenranta University of Technology Graduate Award

    The Fulbright student award competition is open to students from the U.S. who have at least a Bachelor's degree. The Fulbright scholarship has its own application process, application period and criteria.

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