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    Training graduate students ranks at the very top of our concerns. We have a program that quickly moves students into research, while providing rigorous training in a broad range of methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative. We encourage our graduate students to participate in professional activities beginning early in their careers. They quickly learn the tricks of the trade, as evidenced by the many student paper awards won by UCLA students in recent years, by the prestigious fellowships that they've received, and by the articles and book chapters that they've published.

    For departmental requirements, all students are required to take a total of 42 units of coursework, as outlined below:

    (1) Sociology 201A-201B-201C. These courses introduce students to the range of theoretical and research interests represented by departmental faculty and must be taken in the first year.

    (2) Sociology 202A-202B. These courses constitute an examination of the interrelations of theory, method, and substance in exemplary sociological works, and must be taken in the first year.

    (3) Sociology 204, topics in sociological theorizing. Students must take at least one course offered in this series during the first year of graduate study.

    (4) A two-quarter graduate-level methodology sequence of which there are several alternatives such as the survey methods course or the demographic methods course. The methodology series is numbered Sociology 208A-208B, 211A-211B through M213B, 216A-216B, 217B-217C, 244A-244B. Students are required to take one methods sequence before the master's paper review and one methods sequence after the review. Only one of Sociology 212A-212B and 216A-216B may meet the two-quarter methodology sequence requirement. In choosing a methodology sequence, students should note some of the Ph.D. field examinations require particular methodology sequences. If students have equivalent methodological training elsewhere, they should file a petition (along with pertinent evidence and an adviser's recommendation) with the Director of Graduate Studies for exemption from the methodology requirement.

    (5) Four 200-level courses in Sociology, excluding 201A-201B-201C, 202A-202B, 204, 208A-208B, 210A-210B, 211A through M213B, 216A-216B, 217B-217C, 244A-244B.

    (6) While there is no statistics requirements for the M.A. degree, Sociology 210A-210B must be completed before students are permitted to take the first field examination, which typically occurs in the third year. Students are advised to take Sociology 210A-210B early in their graduate training. Students whose interests are in areas with substantial quantitative literature should take Sociology 210A, 210B, and 210C in their first year.


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