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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Local: n/a
  • Foreign: $ 1.7k / 1 semester
  • Languages of instruction:
  • Chinese, English
  • Deadline:
  • 3 Tháng ba
  • StudyQA ranking:
  • 1026pts.
  • Duration:
  • 2 years

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    The Graduate Program in Translation and Interpretation at National Taiwan University admitted its first class in the fall of 2012. Students in the program choose either the translation track or the interpretation track, and receive the practical and theoretical training they need to become competent and critical translators and interpreters.

    The minimum term of study is two years, and students have up to four years to complete the program. To graduate, students must take courses totaling 36 credits (with 31 required credits in the translation track and 32 required credits in the interpretation track), 2) complete a 108-hour practicum according to professional specialization, and 3) defend a Master’s thesis. For details please consult the NTU GPTI Degree Requirements.

    • Introduction to Translation and Interpretation
    • Sight Translation
    • Contrastive Analysis and Translation
    • Specialized Studies
    • Translation (English to Chinese)
    • Translation (Chinese to English)
    • Translation Studies
    • Introduction to Translation Technology
    • Professional Translation: Practicum 
    • Patent translation
    • Theory and Practice of Literary Translation
    • Audio-Visual Translation
    • Legal Translation
    • Ecological Translation
    • Translation of Science and Technology Texts
    • Translation of Culture, History and Philosophy Texts
    • Translation of Financial Laws
    • Economic and Financial News Translation


    • Online application
    • Both Chinese and English proficiency certificate/proof required. Chinese proficiency certificate at CEFR C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency) or above(please refer to Chinese Proficiency Test Comparison Chart). English proficiency certificate/proof (no specific level)
    • Highest degree's graduation certificate
    • Highest degree's full transcript of records (including explanation of grading system)
    • Receipt of the application fee payment
    • Declaration and Authorization Form
    • Financial statement 
    • Passport (if applicable)
    • Taiwan Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) (if applicable)
    • Photograph
    • Recommendation letter x 2
    • A Study plan in English
    • An autobiography in Chinese
    • CE Translation 
    • EC Translation 
    • Self-introduction video in Chinese (mp4) 
    • Self-introduction video in English (mp4) 
    • Chinese reading video (mp4) 
    • English reading video (mp4)
    • Applicants who pass the initial portfolio review will be eligible for the oral interview and the written test.
    • The oral interview and the written test for Fall admission will be held in March of the same year (exact date, location, and names of eligible applicants will be announced on the program website).
    • The applicant must be present to take the oral and written tests on the day or days specified.

    Scholarship for International Students of College of Liberal Arts, NTU

    ▪  Amount :

    i. An annual stipend of NTD30,000 for each recipient of 35 undergraduate students

    ii. A monthly stipend of NTD10,000 for each recipient of four graduate students in MA program

    iii. A monthly stipend of NTD20,000 for each recipient of two graduate students in Ph.D program

    ▪  Details:

    Applicants must not be a recipient of any other scholarship.

    ▪  How to apply:

    Applicants must complete the registration process before submitting the application in October.

    Scholarship for Outstanding International Master's Students

    Applicable Degree: Master

    Awarding Duration: 2 years

    Coverage and Amount: TWD 250,000 /year

    Description: NTU has introduced this Scholarship since 2015 to facilitate academic research and exchanges with the international community by attracting international Master students of academic excellence. New Master students who are admitted from academic year of 2015/2016 onwards are eligible to apply.

    Financial Assistance Grant for International Students

    Applicable Degree and duration: Bachelor 4 years, Master 2 year, Ph.D 3 years

    Coverage and Amount: Tuition waiver + stipend of TWD 6,000/month

    Description: By combining the three old scholarship schemes (International Students Scholarship, International Graduate Students Scholarship and International Graduate Students Support Fund) together, NTU has introduced this Grant since 2015 to attract international students of, and encourage, academic excellence. New international students who are admitted from academic year of 2015/2016 onwards for the first semester (September) entry are eligible to apply.

    MOE Taiwan Scholarship 

    Applicable Degree and awarding duration: Bachelor 4 years, Master 2 years, Ph.D 4 years

    Coverage and Amount: 
    Bachelor: Tuition waiver + Monthly stipend TWD 15,000/ month
    Master and Ph.D: Tuition waiver + Monthly stipend TWD 20,000/month
    *For recipients enroll from 2016/2017 academic year, the cap on tuition waiver is TWD 40,000. The rest of the amount not covered by the Scholarship should be borne by the recipients.

    MOFA Taiwan Scholarship 

    Applicable Degree and awarding duration: Bachelor 4 years, Master 2 years, Ph.D 4 years

    Coverage and Amount: Monthly stipend TWD30,000/month +round-trip economy-class plane tickets

    MOST Taiwan Scholarship 

    Applicable Degree and awarding duration: Master 2 years, Ph.D 3 years

    Coverage and Amount: Monthly stipend TWD30,000/month

    Fulbright Scholarship 

    Nationality limitation: American applying to Agricultural Economics Master's Program

    Applicable Degree: Master

    Awarding Duration: 2 years

    Coverage and Amount: Support by Institute of International Education: monthly stipend USD25,000/year+ Round-trip economy-class tickets+health insurance+fees for cultural activities
    Support by NTU: Tuition waiver+free room provided by NTU IYC Dormitory

    Description: NTU and Institute of International Education aim to establish a new merit-based grant to support American student each year for MA study and research in Taiwan at NTU.

    Global Education Program

    Nationality limitation: Russian

    Applicable Degree: Master, Ph.D

    Coverage and Amount: 2,763,000 Rubbles/ year+Tuition fees+ Travel expenses+Accommodation+Medical insurance+Meals+Academic Literature

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