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    The research in geology at UiT focuses mainly in fieldwork in Northern Norway, in climate and marine geology with research cruises in the polar areas. We have unique geology right outside our doorstep, which give us a special understanding of the processes that shapes the earth. Close cooperation with the oil industry ensures relevant master projects for the market.

    There are three lines of study: structural geology, arctic marine geology & geophysics and sedimentology & quarternary geology. The study consists of a master thesis (60 ECTS) and mandatory and optional subjects (60 ECTS). Number of optional subjects vary between the lines of study. One has the option to follow subjects at the University Centre of Svalbard (UNIS) or abroad.

    The master study has following lines of study:
    - Structural geology
    - Arctic marine geology and geophysics
    - Sedimentology and quarternary geology

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    Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. In order to gain admission to the master??s programmes the student must have achieved an average mark of C or better at bachelor level or equivalent. The bachelor degree should contain at least 80 ECTS credits of core Geology subjects. In addition, the students are expected to have skills equivalent to the prerequisites the master level courses build upon.Information about formal prerequisites:
    Nokut certification
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