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    The master program provides the students with a solid foundation in the theory and practice of computer science. The program provides an introduction to research within the field in addition to strengthening the candidate's effective application of computer science methods.

    The program covers both the theoretical basis and the experimental methods in computer science, directed primarily towards system aspects of distributed and parallel systems and applications. Higher level courses are directly connected to the research within the Department. This imply an opportunity for substantial knowledge in the fields covered. The program concludes with a master thesis of 60 ECTS credits. The master thesis can also be done in collaboration with an external IT-company.

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    Admission to the Master??s program in Computer Science requires a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or another degree following a programme of study of not less than three years?? duration, or similar education approved in accordance with the Norwegian Universities Act section 3-4. In addition, specialization in Computer Science worth the equivalent of not less than 80 ECTS credits is required. Normally, an average mark of "C" or better is required in the Bachelor's degree or similar basis of admission. Good programming skills, (preferably in C, Python, Java) and knowledge of operating systems is strongly required. General admission requirements:
    Nokut certification
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