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    International self-financing applicants: December 1stApplicants from Nordic countries: April 15th

    Master`s projects are usually related to topical activities within freshwater ecology, which include research in lakes, rivers and costal areas related to landlocked and anadromous populations of fish (in particular salmonids) as well as invertebrates. Research activities comprise basic aspects of ecology and more applied topics related to nature and resource management. Important keywords are population and community ecology, predation, competition, parasitism, trophic ecology, ecological speciation, invasion biology, anadromy, life history and migration.

    Students enrolled in the Master`s discipline in Freshwater ecology will acquire broad skills in ecological and evolutionary theory, management-related knowledge and key methodologies for research in freshwater and fish ecology. With a degree within this area the students will be ready to take on jobs within nature management, higher education and consultancy, or continue with research within freshwater ecology and related subjects.

    Recommended elective courses for the master's discipline:

    Bio-3525 Evolution and Ecologically driven speciation (spring, every 2 year) - 10 ECTS
    BIO-3519 Parasittologi og epidemiologi (norwegian course, utumn) - 10 ECTS
    BIO-3111 GIS and remote sensing (autumn) - 10 ECTS
    BIO-3122 Northern Populations and Ecosystems (spring) - 10 ECTS
    BIO-3004 Ecosystem-based management (spring) - 10 ECTS
    BIO-3002 Ecological Applications (spring) - 10 ECTS
    BIO-3805/3810/3815/3820 Individual Special Curriculum (autumn/spring) - 5/10/15/20 ECTS

    Students are encouraged to discuss with supervisors what will be the optimal set of courses


    Admission to the Master`s programme in Biology requires a Bachelor`s degree (180 ECTS) in Biology or equivalent qualification in biology. An average grade of equivalent to C or better in the Norwegian grading system is required. For more info. please visit:
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