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    What is Industrial Engineering?

    Industrial Engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with

    ·production and distribution of products and services in the most efficient way,

    ·designing and managing systems consisting of scarce resources such as machinery, labor, raw material, information, energy, environment and capital, and

    ·improving the productivity and competitive power of such systems.

    Besides being one of the oldest engineering branches, industrial engineering is also a scientific field that requires analytical thinking, mathematical modeling and creativity.

    Industrial engineers handle real life problems using a holistic approach that considers systems as a whole, identifies economical properties and interactions among system components and acknowledges human as an inherent part of all systems. They use contemporary information technology and systems approach they develop to solve problems. They work with people with diverse backgrounds to make things better, faster, more secure and cheaper and of higher quality.

    Today’s tough competition environment has increased the rate that technology is converted into end-user products and services. Hence, companies need efficient support systems to make correct decisions faster than ever in order to survive. This increases the importance of industrial engineers who establish and maintain such systems. Consequently, industrial engineering will continue to be one of the most sought-after professions in the future as it is today. In fact this necessity incites higher-than-average starting salaries compared to other engineering branches. Besides, the systems perspective gained through their training enables industrial engineers to identify effective solutions, hence they generally climb up the career ladder fast enough to secure executive positions in a short time.


    Business areas and sectors that employ industrial engineers are quite a lot, both in Turkey and abroad. You can work almost in any sector as an industrial engineer. The vision and perspective that you gain during your training are in high demand in business world. Below you can find some of the industries and companies that employ industrial engineers in Turkey.

    Public Sector: Industrial engineers have the opportunity to work in many public institutions such as Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Development, Undersecretariat of Treasury, Competition Authority, Ministry of Customs and Trade, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization, Energy Market Regulatory Authority, Information and Communication Technologies Authority, and The Presidency of Telecommunication.

    Automotive Sector: Industrial Engineers work in departments of production, production planning, purchasing, supply, logistics, human resources, quality management, etc. in the automotive sector (e.g., Ford Otosan, Oyak Renault, Tofaş, Man, Karsan, Toyota).

    Fast Consumer Goods Sector: This sector is really popular in recent years. Industrial engineers work in the departments ranging from production to sales in the companies that produce and sell products like coke, chocolate, chips, ice cream, shampoo, cleaning materials, and so forth.

    Banking Sector: Industrial engineers are intensively employed in the banking sector. Industrial engineers can easily find jobs as inspection, SME banking, risk management, sales and marketing specialists in general directorates or branches.

    Software and Information Sector: Industrial engineers are highly demanded in the software sector. Industrial engineers are preferred for the positions such as software analyst, work analyst, or software tester.

    Counseling Sector: Counseling sector is extremely popular for industrial engineers. They can work as business analysts.

    Others: Industrial engineers can work in almost all kinds of sectors such as health, transportation and shipping, tourism and entrepreneurship.

    You can pursue an academic career as an alternative to being employed in the above mentioned sectors. Industrial engineering is a discipline in which numerous scientific studies are made.

    Finally, entrepreneurship is another career option for industrial engineers. You may prefer to start up your own company if you have an innovative idea or a project that you desire to put into action. If you walk in this way, systems perspective and holistic vision you acquire in your training will equip you with the ability to correctly analyze innate risks of entrepreneurship and will increase your chance to make appropriate decisions.

    Will I Like Industrial Engineering?

    If you enjoy discovering how things work, if you are not satisfied with conventional ways of doing things and continuously look for different, better ways, if you like solving puzzles, if you have enjoyed your science and math classes in high school, we think you will like industrial engineering.

    In industrial engineering education, first year you will be equipped with orientation of overall engineering, mathematical background over operations research, statistical modelling, production planning whereas last year goes with graduation thesis that contains real life problems from the industry.


    1.Strong Academic Structure

    ·High Quality of Education: The Department of Industrial Engineering at AGU, with its distinguished faculty and modern, innovative, novel and 100% English undergraduate program, aspires to train highly-qualified industrial engineers. AGU IE offers learner-centered active learning environment in small classrooms as well as an opportunity to apply theory to practice with long term summer trainings and project-based courses where problems from real world are handled. Furthermore you will always have the opportunity of being in touch with the faculty.

    ·Scientific Research Opportunities: One of the most striking features of AGU IE is the importance given to scientific research. Even as an undergraduate student, the department offers you the opportunity of conducting scientific research with the faculty members.

    ·Variety of Elective Courses: AGU IE offers a large number and variety of elective courses which enable students to specialize in different areas. Thus, students will graduate as industrial engineers equipped with necessary qualifications to be able to work in a diverse set of public or business sectors. Besides, you will gain an interdisciplinary perspective by taking courses offered by different departments and you can improve yourself in the areas of your own interests.

    ·Laboratory, Library and Other Opportunities: AGU has powerful and modern computers and other laboratory equipment for the educational and research needs of students and the faculty.

    2.Effects In Business World

    ·Career Path: The department helps establish a mentor-mentee relationship between distinguished executives from the business world and students. The mentor supports the mentee in self-evaluation and in planning future career.

    ·Work Experience via Industrial Projects: AGU IE gives great importance to fostering university-industry collaboration. All of our students will gain project-based real life work experience in respectable companies in various sectors.

    3.Social And Cultural Environment

    With the social environment and youth centers established within the university, students will be able to improve themselves in social and cultural aspects. International experience is also supported by the connections of the students clubs.Neededsupport and facilities to spend their academic life comfortably and successfully will be provided to students by the department. For example, learning and teaching center in AGU will help freshman students get used to academic and university life smoothly. Moreover, the faculty members will mentor students about academic matters during all their undergraduate life to help them structure a curriculum that is suitable to their future goals. The services offered by the career center will help students to suitable jobs with their interests.


    Find the latest curriculum and course descriptions under: http://ie.agu.edu.tr/undergrad


    Candidates may apply with their national High School diploma and/or University Entrance Exam. However, we strongly recommend all candidates to apply with international exams such as the SAT, ACT, IB, AP, GCE A- or AS-Levels, in order to increase their chances of acceptance to the University.

    You can find our country-specific list of accepted exams and minimum requirements for each here: http://intoffice.agu.edu.tr/apply-to-agu

    Undergraduate applicants should provide the following documents:

    a. Highschool Diploma
    b. Valid Passport (ID and Validity Date pages)
    c. Official ID Photo
    d. Last 2 years High School/University Transcripts
    e. TOEFL certificate (Not mandatory but strongly recommended. Please send your results via AGU's institutional (DI) code:B426)
    f. Others if applicable (Recommendation letters, Awards, Certificates, Medals..)



    AGU wants to put its students in the best possible position to succeed in their studies, by offering the following scholarship to the very best of its newly accepted first year students:

    TUITION SCHOLARSHIPS   ̶ No Tuition fees will be charged for the entirety of the student's undergraduate studies at AGU (the $800 yearly tuition fee is fully waived and will be deducted from the original Fee Package)

    Criteria for the selection of Scholarship awardees include:

    International Exams (e.g. SAT, ACT, GCE A-Levels, IB)
    High School results
    English Proficiency (TOEFL)
    Statement of Purpose
    **Important Notes:

    These scholarships are awarded to Faculty students only and will cover the entire duration of the program
    Scholarship awardees are still required to pay the pre-registration deposit, which corresponds to their yearly housing fee within 7 days of acceptance to AGU in order to secure their position a the University.
    A scholarship will automatically be suspended if the awardee does not maintain his/her CGPA above 2.0.
    The decision to award scholarships is at the discretion of the AGU Foreign Student Examination Placement and Evaluation Commission.

    Every year, among AGU’s international student body, the undergraduate full Faculty student*** with the best CGPA (all years combined) will be awarded a full tuition scholarship**** for the the year following his/her achievement. This scholarship is to be renewed or awarded to another student based on each year’s CGPA results.

    *Note: the decision to award any of these scholarship opportunities each year remains at the discretion of the Abdullah Gül University and the AGU International Student Selection Committee.

    ***Students having spent no time at the AGU School of Languages prior to starting their Faculty courses

    ****If the student with the best CGPA already benefits from a Tuition Scholarship from AGU, the Top Achiever Scholarship will be transferred to the student with the second highest CGPA result.

    More information can be found on the official program website: http://ie.agu.edu.tr/

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