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  • English


    BA Business Administration is designed to prepare socially liable specialists of business administration aware of business administration principles, well-versed in business planning possibilities, able to create and administrate business, to act in continuously changing business environment, to think creatively and to examine business processes.

    Undergraduates are free to choose one of the specializations provided meeting their personal needs. The holders of Bachelors degree of Business Administration establish their own business or work in Lithuanias, foreign or international business companies as managers in spheres of personnel, marketing, finance, production or logistics. Some of them are free to work in departments of bank credits, retail banking and others.


    Marketing Management

    Personnel Management

    Degree awarded: Bachelors degree of Business Administration

    Duration: 4 years full-time

    Detailed Course Facts

    Application deadline June 1 (non EU), July 1 (EU) Tuition fee
    • EUR 2200 Module (EEA)
    • EUR 2200 Module (Non-EEA)
    Start date 2016 Duration of the semester: Autumn semester: 1 September - 20 December Spring semester: 1 February - 30 June Credits (ECTS) 240 ECTS
    Duration full-time 48 months Languages Take an IELTS test
    • English
    Delivery mode On Campus Educational variant Full-time Intensity Flexible

    Course Content

    Knowledge and competences provided:


    Fundamental theories and concepts outlining organizations as a peculiar social economical phenomenon, and the environment of these organizations;

    General categories of economics and phenomena they describe;

    The variety of business form organization, the essence of entrepreneurship;

    Financial, material, human and other resource provision and presumptions of their successful utilization;

    The principals, concepts of marketing and factors determining customer behaviour;

    Financial and other resource accounting and management methods;

    Peculiarities of business branches related to the study programme.


    The ability to analyse and evaluate events and processes occurring within and outside an organization and business;

    The ability to think critically and comprehend different arguments given while analysing the issues of organizations and (or) business activities and making decisions;

    The ability to analyse ones functional activity, to outline the ways of its refinement;

    The ability to apply research methods of organization and (or) business activity;

    The ability to apply research and other methods of market investigation revealing organization and (or) business environment and inner processes;

    The ability to apply holistic and systematic access and global attitude towards an organization and (or) business;


    The ability to apply the knowledge about management, economics and other sciences to improve an organization and business management;

    The ability to plan, organize and coordinate the duties of workers and departments to achieve the set goals;

    The ability to prepare business expansion plans and organize their implementation; The ability to formulate the problems and tasks for dependants, business partners and other workers related to finding solutions;

    The ability to take advantage of opportunities provided by informational technologies, systems and data bases;

    The ability to apply means and methods of the development of the culture of a company and employee motivation;

    The ability to identify the issues of ones activities, to find solutions and the ways of activity improvement;

    The ability to apply legal acts regulating the activities of organizations and business;

    The ability to apply basic theoretical prepositions or models by which activity decisions are based;

    The ability to continuously improve ones competences.




    Learning how to learn;

    Ethical activity;

    Innovative activity;


    Group and team work;

    Net activity and work at virtual (apparent) groups and organizations;

    Tolerance, activity in multicultural and multinational groups and organizations;

    Mathematical (statistical) competences.



    International Students must have at least a secondary education diploma or equivalent certificate recognised by the Lithuanian Government. Students lacking this can be accepted if they have a proof of the successful completion of at least one year of studies at a higher education institution in any country (legalised documents).

    Work Experience

    No work experience is required.

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