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    september intake: 15th june; january/february intake: 15th november

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    Masters in agricultural engineering in Hungary

    The MSc in Agricultural Engineering is an accredited master degree program from the University of Debrecen in Hungary.

    The masters in agricultural engineering is a natural progression from a bachelors degree, as it builds on your fundamental knowledge and develops it through research and application.

    The field of agricultural engineering is quite diverse, and this program covers the following areas:

    • Applied biochemistry
    • Applied plant physiology
    • Applied genetics and biotechnology
    • Applied soil science
    • Production physiology
    • Nutrient management

    Students in the MSc in Agricultural Engineering benefit from a close cooperation with faculty and staff. All students in the program get a personal academic tutor to help guide you through your education, and the program also has a field practice component for 4 weeks.

    Degree & diploma

    Upon completion of the program, you will receive a Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering.


    Applicants to the MSc in Agricultural Engineering must meet the following requirements: BSc degree or higher in Agricultural ScienceBSc degree or higher in a biology-related fieldOther approved accreditation or professional qualification Applicants are also required to fill in an application form and attend an interview.
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