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    The master’s programme approaches issues related to European relations in the context of an international society and global governance. It is suitable for students with a strong interest in international politics and global perspectives, with a special focus on Europe and Europe’s role in world affairs.

    Students will be equipped with the necessary skills for facing the challenges of an increasingly competitive and globalised labour market. The programme also provides a solid foundation for further studies and research in the general fields of international and European relations. The programme is divided into four components, each equivalent to one semester:

    • International relations
    • European relations
    • International governance/Guided internship
    • Master’s thesis

    The curriculum consists of topics ranging from international law and security, to European institutions and Europe’s external relations, theories of international relations and organisation, foreign policy analysis, contemporary issues of international governance, and research design and methodology. In order to develop the course curriculum and also for research purposes, the programme cooperates with partner institutions at Aalborg University (Denmark), the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain) and Twente University (The Netherlands).

    By the end of the programme students will have developed an independent critical approach to complex global, and specifically European, issues. Furthermore, students will gain the skills and knowledge to contribute actively to important developments, either as practitioners or as researchers. Students will also be able to:

    • understand the history, theory and contemporary implications of international and European relations, as well as the forces that drive developments
    • acquire the tools to reflect upon and analyse the dynamics of contemporary international and European relations
    • develop an in-depth understanding of issues regarding international governance and their significance
    • be able to independently design, conduct inquiries and then report on scientific matters within international and European relations.

    The programme staff is engaged in research concerning international theory and the development of international norms and institutions, European security and foreign relations, regional development, political economy, federalism, policy analysis and political theory.

    Career opportunities

    The programme prepares students for a professional career in governmental institutions and in international public organisations, as well as in the private and non-governmental sectors. Graduates from the programme can be found today in such institutions, working with various aspects from running policy programmes to scientific research. The courses also provide a solid foundation for further studies and research within European and international studies.

    Degree: Master of Social Science with a major in Political Science, specialisation International and European Relations (120 credits)

    Course details

    The programme runs over two years and encompasses 120 credits, including a thesis.

    Term 1
    • Introduction to Academic Studies and Social Science, 7,5 credits
    • International Relations Theory, 7,5 credits
    • Politics and Economics of International Relations, 7,5 credits
    • International and European Law, 7,5 credits
    Term 2
    • Contemporary European Institutions, 7,5 credits
    • International and European Security, 7,5 credits
    • Europe's Relations with the World, 7,5 credits
    • Research Design and Methods, 7,5 credits
    Term 3
    • Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Analysis, 7,5 credits
    • International Organisation: Theory and Practice, 7,5 credits
    • International Governance and Civil Society, 7,5 credits
    • Contemporary Issues in International Governance, 7,5 credits


    • Guided Internship, 30 credits
    Term 4
    • Master's Thesis, 30 credits


    Programme specific requirementsBachelor's degree with an in-depth study of at least 90 credits, i.e. 3 semesters of full-time study in the major subject. The programme provides advanced level studies for students of political science, international relations, economics, history, geography, law, media studies, sociology and other social sciences - and for students with other disciplinary backgrounds who can demonstrate an ability to develop their potential in the subject area.Each applicant must enclose a letter of intent written in English, explaining why they want to study this programme, and a summary of their bachelor's essay or project. If applicants hold a degree that does not include a bachelor's essay or project, then their letter of intent should describe previous studies and any other academic activities related to the master's programme.All supporting documents, including the letter of intent and the specific paper, should be sent to:University Admissions in SwedenFE 1SE–838 73 Frösön. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 TOEFL paper-based test score : 575 TOEFL iBT® test: 90

    LiU International Scholarships

    Linköping University offers scholarships to new students with excellent academic results. Scholarships within the programme LiU International Scholarships will result in a tuition fee waiver.

    Who is eligible?

    • Students who have applied for master’s programmes at Linköping University in time (before 15 January)
    • AND who have chosen a programme at Linköping University as the first priority (ranked as No.1 out of 4)
    • AND who are required to pay tuition fees
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