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  • Local: $ 2.77k / Year
  • Foreign: $ 2.77k / Year
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  • English
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  • 31 Th5 2016

    If you are interested in contemporary political debate currently facing many controversies the programme in Political Theory should be your primary choice. The programme in is an advanced programme in Political Science focused on the interdisciplinary study of political ideas, institutions and practices. Programme gathers some of the most prominent scholars in the field.

    General competences

    Students can expect a broad spectrum of theories, methodologies, designed to compete with the highest standards of similar programs at the leading academic institutions. Although the programme is specialized in the history of political ideas, it also offers courses in various areas of specialization in political science: e.g., contemporary political philosophy, political communication, political economy, and comparative politics.

    The programme prepares students for further academic and professional careers by introducing them to cutting-edge scholarship across the field and, especially, by paying attention to students individual research foci (individual curriculum) needed for their academic and professional progress.


    The overall job prospects are good for individuals considering government careers or careers as political advisors, political analysts, party leaders, political campaign workers, and political spokesmen among others. Graduates can also find jobs as educators or political activists in the non-governmental sector or even make a career as business consultants for multinational corporations.

    Elective courses

    Contemporary Theories of Political Community, Models of Political Subjectivation, Biopolitics. For the one elective course students can choose from any master course at the faculty.


    Foreign citizens who have completed undergraduate study programme abroad may enrol in the first year of the Bologna Master’s study programme if they complete the procedure of recognition of foreign undergraduate education.


    National Agency of Republic of Slovenia for Quality in Higher Education.

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