Why study Astronomy?

Interdisciplinary degree

 A degree in astronomy includes many other disciplines - physics, chemistry, applied mathematics. Knowledge background in these study fields increases the number of opportunities for further employment, and also allows Astronomy graduates to continue education in these study fields - many universities count a degree in Astronomy as relevant to a degree in Physics or Mathematics.

Travel opportunities

A degree program in Astronomy often includes a year abroad, which is spent for training and studying. After completing a degree, graduates can stay in the country where they have been studying and start their career path there.

Astronomers, whose specialisation is dedicated to observing and research, can also participate in expeditions to the North and South poles, and travel between observatories in different hemispheres, which is a great opportunity to see the world.

Various job offers    

Almost every person dreamed about becoming an astronaut in their childhood. Although astronauts do not travel in space, they ensure the existence of all astronautics in general - isn’t it a great realization of a child's dreams?

Career paths in Astronomy area can be very diverse, since a variety of private and government organizations  - from museum to NASA - offer jobs for Astronomy graduates. More information about career options for Astronomy graduates and required skills can be found here.

Personal development

Besides career opportunities and invitation to academic world, a lot of people study astronomy to discover the structure of the world, which is very important not only for development of science, but for development of particular person  - you.





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