Why study Journalism?

High chance to find a job in many areas

One of the main advantages of a degree in Journalism is that Journalism graduates can find a job placement in a variety of areas - besides journalist agencies and media, they are welcome in publishing houses, PR consultancies, advertising and marketing companies - in any area which is connected with spoken and written words.

Journalists and other people working in related areas often do not work full time 5/2, and this too can be a significant plus for people who want to choose their own work time.


The work of a journalist involves many trips around his country, as well as abroad. There are also travel journalists, whose task is to visit various places of our planet and write reports about these places. They can work both on travel publications and on tourist organizations.

Even study programs in the field of journalism often include short trips, and sometimes even a year spent working or studying abroad. That is why a career of journalist is one of the best options for those who don’t want to spend his live in one place and wish to combine his work with travelling.

Developed skills

The most important skills which you receive are:

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • Interviewing skills;
  • Ability to handle with deadlines;
  • Teamwork and self-management;
  • IT and technical skills: video and audio creating;
  • Working with social media.

Most of these skills can be transferred in any other area you would like to be engaged.

Journalism degree is a very strong humanities degree, which can give you an opportunity to develop in so many areas - so take your chance!