Why study Engineering Physics

Great boost

An undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics is a complex of courses in probably all basic technical disciplines. Students receive a broad and deep knowledge background which will allow them to continue education in any area of Engineering, in Physics, Chemistry or other Natural Sciences - your academic interests are the only limit.

Challenging education

If you are choosing between education in Physics and Engineering Physics, you may already noticed that in many universities (such as Stanford University) entry requirements for Engineering Physics are more strict than for Physics. This is due to the fact that education in the field of engineering physics is usually more saturated than in the field of physics. Of course, it's very difficult to enter a program in engineering physics, especially if you want to study at a foreign university. It is even more difficult to get a scholarship for education - but this is still real if you have good grades and love for this discipline. In addition, you will study together with excellent outstanding students, which is also a great reason to apply for a degree in Engineering Physics.

Transferable skills

A degree in Engineering Physics gives its students a variety of skills which are useful in all technical areas and in academic career - students receive engineering and analysis skills, teamwork, ability to work on their own research projects and present them, numeracy and practicality.

Various career options

A variety of useful skills leads to a variety of different career options in technical and engineering area, government, law, medicine, education, finance and business. Many graduates in Engineering Physics continue their education, but a lot of various career paths are available for Bachelor graduates.