Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Urban Planning is a theory and practice of planning and development of cities. It is a subdiscipline of Architecture and usually taught as a part of Architecture study programs. Urban Planning was established because of growth and development of modern cities. Urban Planning solves such problems as resettlement, planned placement of productive forces (factories, industrial complexes, technoparks); the formation of the city's appearance, its planning and spatial structure the surrounding areas, the aesthetic requirements, national characteristics and local natural and climatic conditions; reconstruction of historical areas of a city and their improvement, the development of resorts, the organization of transport network,  and the preservation of the cultural heritage of the city.


Urban planning includes the following branches:


Urban  design;

Urban planning planning management.


Study programs in Urban Planning

Urban Planning can either be taught as a specialization of an Architecture study program or as a separate degree. Study programs usually last from three to five years; they combine humanitarian and applied courses. Entry requirements for Urban Planning study programs usually include creative testing - applicants need to provide their art portfolio demonstrating their current level.

Some study programs in Urban Planning can be found on our website, for example, Urban and Regional Planning in University of South Florida, USA,  Urban Planning in University of Michigan, USA,  or Urban and Regional Planning in University of New England, USA. You can find more study programs in Urban Planning by using our website.