Robotic Engineering

What is Robotics Engineering?

Robotic Engineering is an applied science, which is dedicated to the designing and development of automated technical systems. It is based on such sciences as Mechanic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics and some other technical disciplines.

Robots can be applied in these (and many other) areas:

  • Agriculture - for example, robots owadays can herd;
  • Entertainment - for example, android robots build for combating;
  • Domestic use - for example, robots assisting the elderly people;
  • Medicine - robots can be used for simple operations and for surveys;
  • Manufacturing is one of the most common application area for robots, They can do monotonous simple, but time-consuming and labor-intensive work
  • Nanorobots can be used in diagnosis, pharmacokinetics, health care and monitoring of diabetes.
  • Military area - robots can be used for reconnaissance, information transfer and combat operations.

Study Robotics

Robotic Engineering (or Robotics) can be taught as a separate study program or as a specialization of Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering. Many students wishing to become specialists in Robotic Engineering start with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and then apply for a Master degree in Robotics.

Several separate study programs in Robotics can be found on our website, for example, MA Intelligent Systems and Robotics in University of Essex, UK,  MA Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Advanced Robotics, Technical University of Warsaw, Poland, or MA Robotics and Computer Engineering in University of Tartu, Estonia. Find the best study program for you by using the Search button.