PhD degree in Communication Studies

PhD Degree in Communication Studies

Several universities (for example, the University of Minnesota, the University of Iowa and others) provide PhD programs in Communication Studies. They are designed for students who wish to achieve a career in teaching and researching. The aim of these programs is usually focus on the sub-fields of communication and connections between them.

The PhD program usually lasts from three to four years in  different universities. Students should write a dissertation in order to get a degree.

Usually universities provide fellowships for international PhD students, which cover tuition fees and on-campus accommodation.

Entry requirements

Applicants should hold a Masters degree in a relevant area, a high GPA result, and have a strong research proposal, as it is the main selection criteria. Language proficiency is always required; TOEFL and IELTS results (no older than two years) should be submitted.

How to apply?

The applications are usually submitted online and include official transcripts, degree certifications, reference and motivation letters and research proposal.

Some PhD programs in several universities are joint with Masters programs, so students do not need to submit an application after completing the Masters degree.

Future career

PhD graduates of Communication Studies are in high demand in the following areas: law, business, and academia. PhD graduates can start their in academic institutions and businesses in their home country or abroad.



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