Masters Programs “International Relations” and “Eastern European Studies”

online Masters programsMasters Programs “International Relations” and “Eastern European Studies”

The Center for Global Politics and the German University of Excellence provides two online Masters programs for students who wish to get a Masters degree in German university but is not able to quit the job while pursuing their degree. Those are East European Studies and International relations. All courses will be available online, but students will have to visit Berlin twice a year for in-house classes. After graduating students will get excellent career opportunities.

The courses will start in October 2017.

East European Studies

This program dedicated to the Ukraine war and Russian foreign policy. Students will learn about challenges Eastern Europe is going through, its social and political developments.  This is the first mixed-up masters program in Europe dedicated to East European Studies.

International Relations

This online program gives students an opportunity to study Global Politics and focus in the Global Politics or Area Studies. The study focus depends on your own study interests.

How to apply

The applications should be submitted online on the official website of the program before 31 March 2017. It includes your resume/CV and a motivation letter. Documents proving your Bachelors degree can be send later, but you need to contact the supervisors of the program if you need more time to complete the application. Please send an email to the student advisor Sabine Pag if you have questions about the application process:

Some additional information about the Masters programs can be found on the official website




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