Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is a kind of spatial art. Landscape architects are engaged in creating a united urban composition by using buildings, green spaces, water bodies and other urban facilities. Landscape architecture is an interdisciplinary art form that unites both architecture and planning, as well as botany and plant growing. The main task attributed to landscape architecture is the design of green spaces (parks, gardens, squares, alleys), so as to smooth out the conflict between the city and nature, to make space more suitable for people's lives.

How to become a landscape architect?

To become a landscape architect, you will need to receive a strong education in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Construction area. Some universities provide separate study programs in Landscape Architecture, but courses in Landscape Architecture are included in curriculum of most Architecture study programs, so you can start a career of Landscape Architect after completing a basic degree in Architecture. You can either work for governmental institutions or for private landscape architecture firms - nevertheless, the employment will require a work portfolio, which you should collect during your education period. So it is better to think about your specialization during the first years of the study process.

Study programs in Landscape Architecture

Several study programs in Landscape Architecture can be found on our website, for example, MA Landscape Architecture in Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway, BSc Landscape Management, University of Greenwich, UK, or  MA Landscape Architecture in Colorado State University, USA. Find more interesting study programs by using our website.