How to become a Marine Engineer?

Although people have built ships and have gone to sea voyages since the dawn of time, Marine Engineering is a rather young and fast-growing discipline. It is dedicated to design and construction of ships and closely related to Marine navigation.

Who is a Marine Engineer?

Marine Engineer is a person who deals with construction, design, maintenance and repair of ships and other objects related to sea navigation. Surely Marine Engineering is quite a wide area, so different Marine Engineers are involved in different tasks.

Get prepared for long sea trips  - unlike other engineers, Marine Engineers can spend a lot of time on a ship in an ocean.

Universities usually offer Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Engineering or PhD degree in Marine Engineering. Usually graduates start seeking for a job in this area after receiving a Master degree.

Besides courses in Marine Engineering (both practical and theoretical), students undertake courses in Applied Mathematics, Physics, Marine Navigation, Computer Science. Students also learn how to manage with the ship - many study programs in Marine Engineering include practical courses in Marine Management, students learn how to use radar and how to navigate in the sea.

Study programs in Marine Engineering

If you are interested in this area are wish to become a Marine Engineer, you will need to receive an excellent education, because employment for this field, as many Engineering fields, is highly competitive. Some study programs in Marine Engineering, for example, BSc Marine Engineering Technology in University of Greenwich. UK, can be found on our website. Check out the Search button for more results.