Hotel Management

Hotel Management

Hotel Management is one of the sectors of Hospitality area, which subject is organization of processes of hotel industry. Hotel manager is a profession which requires a diversity of duties, including business management, staff management, logistics, human resource management, guest service and many others.

Hotel Management study programs are taught by universities and business school all over the world. The most popular study programs are hosted by universities in countries with advanced tourism industry, for example, Switzerland. Students often continue education after completing an undergraduate degree, but Bachelor graduates can also find a perspective job in Hotel Management, so higher degrees are rarely required.

Study programs in Hotel Management are usually highly practical, they include internships and traineeships. Some programs can be completed online.

Graduates holding a Hotel Management degree receive a variety of useful in hospitality and other industries skills, such as teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, management skills, IT, delegation skills.


Career options for Hotel Management Graduates

Graduates holding a Bachelor degree in Hotel Management can start career in hotels and tourism agencies as accommodation managers or hotel managers. Graduates can also find a job in event industry.


Study programs

You can find several study programs in Hotel Management using our website, for example, BA Hotel Management program in Academy of Tourism Antalya, Turkey, MBA Swiss Hotel Management Operations in IMI International Management Institute Switzerland, or BA  Tourism and Hotel Management, Bilkent University, Turkey. More relevant programs can be found on our website.



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