Event Management

Event Management

Event Management is the sector of Hospitality and Leisure, which subject is organizing a variety of events, including sports events, exhibitions, festivals, celebrations, various shows, concerts, weddings and seminars. Event Manager is not responsible for all issues of the event, but he controls everything what is going on the event, and provides full organization of the management staff and other people enrolled in the event.


Program structure

Study programs in Event Management are usually highly practical, it includes a lot of internships and fieldwork. Students receive a variety of useful skills including budget management, scheduling, organization behavior, logistics, communication skills, teamwork.


Study programs in Event Management

Several universities around the world study Event Management Bachelor and Master study programs. On our website you can find interesting study programs, for example, BA Creative Events Management in Falmouth University, UK, Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel and Events Management in IMI International Management Institute Switzerland, BA International Hospitality,Tourism and Events Management in IMI International Management Institute Switzerland,  or MA International Events Management, University of Surray, UK. You can find some more programs using our Search.



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