Career options for Environmental Management graduates

Environmental Resource Management is a wide interdisciplinary area at the junction of Environmental Sciences and Management and Organization studies. Therefore, the list of possible career opportunities for graduates with a degree in Environmental Resource Management can be limited only by the chosen specialization and career  interests. Here are some of the career prospects.

Environmental manager is the most obvious career opportunity for a graduates with a degree in Environmental Resource Management. They supervise the environmental performance of various organizations - both private and public. They create and implement new strategies to maintain and develop the corporate environment.

The list of specializations of Environmental Resource Management include Soil Management, Water Management, Biodiversity Management and many other. Specialists in one of these particular areas can start their career as Environmental managers in the area they have studied.

Some graduates holding a degree in Environmental Resource Management choose Engineering Management consultancy are their career path. They develop a production strategy, make it more economical and profitable, work on the development of the final product and with the staff. They can either work for one organization or be employed in a company providing consulting service.

Many graduates with a degree in Environmental Management start their career in public sector or in human resource management since they receive enough management and communications skills.

Usually graduates in Environmental Resource Management start their career after receiving a Master or MBA degree in this area. Graduates with a Bachelor degree usually start their career with entry-level positions or volunteering. Some environmental companies can also provide internships for recent graduates or summer internships for current students.