Educational Psychology

Educational psychology is the area of Psychology Studies which main subject is human learning. Educational psychology studies memory, cognitive processes and learning abilities.

Why educational psychology?

Education psychology helps children and adults to deal with different learning disabilities.  Education psychology helps not only children and adults with special needs, but also creates new educational resources, which can be useful for everybody. So, the aom of educational psychology it to make education process easier and more productive.

Future career

Graduates of education psychology programs can start career as psychologists or consultants in schools, universities or other private or state educational institutions. Educational specialists help to organize educational process in the most productive way.

Graduates can also start research activity in private or government research centres in their home country or abroad.

Several job opportunities are available for Bachelor graduates, but most institutions require at least Masters degree for the job applicants.

Where to study?

Undergraduate students wishing to study education psychology can choose any Psychology Studies program, but graduate students need to choose specific study programs, for example,  Educational and Developmental Psychology in Queensland University of Technology, Australia, or  Educational Psychology in University of New Mexico, USA.




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