Cosmology is one of the branches of Astronomy, which studies  the properties and evolution of the universe. Cosmology is one of the oldest branches of astronomy. In ancient times, it existed in the form of mythology, and later became a real science field. Mathematics and physics are the basis of modern cosmology.

Cosmology is divided into empirical and theoretical - empirical cosmologists base their conclusions exclusively on observations and proven facts, and theoretical cosmologists try to explain the observed universe using some hypotheses.

One of the central issues of Cosmology is question about the origin of the universe. The most popular theories are the big bang theory and string theory. Besides, there is also a theory that the universe exists constantly, without either a beginning or an end.

Study programs

Those who wish to study Cosmology, can either apply for an undergraduate study program in Astronomy and then choose the specialization in Cosmology, or find a Cosmology study program. A variety of study programs in Cosmology can be found on our website, for example, MA  Astrophysics and Cosmology in the University of Bologna, Italy, PhD Cosmology and Gravitation  in University of Portsmouth, UK, or MA High Energy Physics and Cosmology in Kazan Federal University, Russian Federation. You can find more programs by using our Search.




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