Career Options for Veterinary Medicine graduates

Veterinary Medicine is a very applied discipline, so most graduates find  a job in this or related field after completing an undergraduate degree (and sometimes additional courses).

The most popular career path for Veterinary Medicine graduates is, of course, a veterinary doctor. Veterinary doctors can work for clinics and veterinary services. Usually veterinary doctors care about domestic animals (cats, dogs, rabbits, etc). Some veterinary doctors work with exotic domestic animals (snakes, spiders, lizards, fish), but it usually requires a relevant specialization in Veterinary Discipline.

Many veterinary doctors work on farms and heal livestock animals, such as cows, horses, sheep and many others.

Some of veterinary doctors find a job of zoo or oceanarium vet and care about wild animals living in captivity. Veterinary doctors are main and the most important part in any expeditions related to wild animals’ needs.

Besides a career of veterinary doctor, veterinary medicine graduates can find some other job related to animals and their well-being, for example, animal nutritionists and work for clinics or zoos and make special diets for weak or ill animals and monitor the nutrition of baby animals.

Some Veterinary Medicine graduates start a career of cynologists after receiving a special qualification. Cynologists can train domestic dogs and teach dog owners how to care about their pet, or they can work in military or policy field and train dogs which help to find drugs or weapon.

Although most of Veterinary graduates decide to find a job after completing an undergraduate degree, some of them continue their education to receive a doctoral degree and start a career in research or academic area.